Sofa surfing

It’s way too warm to sit at a pc this evening.

To be honest I’ll probably feel that way most of this week as we have a mini heatwave going on this week in the UK.

My pc is also having some issues and I’m feeling a little angsty about it as right now I cannot afford the outlay if this one goes awol.

So I shall sulk in front of a film and consider the universe instead.

Failing that drink tea and sulk.

I’m kidding . I’m not sulking, but contemplating the question of what next .

I’ll wait and find out. Nothing is forever.



Tiamat outfit from Seniha at the EQUAL10 Event

Pallet bed from reBourne at the EQUAL10 Event

Charlotte hair from Analog Dog

Reflectice eyes  from Amara Beauty

Gloss Lipstick from A R T E

Glam on eyeshadow from A R T E

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Nora BOM skin from  Amara Beauty

6 thoughts on “Sofa surfing

  1. I did all the chores this morning, because I knew I’d get frazzled if I waited until the afternoon. Plus, I needed to be ready at 4pm UK time to start the warm-up for my SL17B show. That went really well, saw a lot of Moles while I was there, even Patch Linden popped in for a bit. I’ll do a blog post tomorrow about that, including the recording of my set. 🙂

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    1. Ohhh excellent then I can hear it!!!
      I seem to crash hard in busy areas and totally missed Ebbes talk yesterday. My firestorm seems to reset itself at every crash. So I recline to sofa to caaaalm lol
      Watching cheap films

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      1. “firestorm seems to reset itself at every crash.”

        A-ha! A-haaaaaah!!!
        When having a less than stellar connection, then close the Firefuk! You don’t need that shit when busy in world! I made that a habit of mine right from day one: I’m either driving my avie in Second Life OR surfing the web, NEVER both at the same time.

        Oh sorry, confused FF and FS. 😮 Thou

        Regarding your PC: When was the last time you cleaned that thing? No matter if desktop or laptop, unplug it, open it up and vacuum it out, get rid of all the dust bunnies and kat hairs. Your computer will be so grateful and purr like a kitten again.

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      2. Ahhhh good idea. I will try and clean it this weekend. I try not to run anything else when logged in but have to run my filming software. I’ll give the cleaning a go


      3. Sorrry, hit he wrong key and … oh shit. 😮

        … thought about using Singularity instead? It’s not as demanding as FS and gives you the original, viewer 1.23 look n feel we old people are so fond of. It never crashes me, not even on my old slow 10m/b adsl connection.

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