Coffee – ASMR, work life and Subscribers

So comes another Monday Coffee chat. Video:- Credits:- Whiskey in the jar dress from Entice now at the Genre Catya bento head from CATWA Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz Lara mesh body Maitreya Christy dark skin Lara Hurley  

Harriet Reports

  I just had to do it. This is my new character who will bring the news to you. Today she is moaning about the BBC pay shame! Video:- Credits:- Unbreak my heart dress from Entice now today the last day at The Cosmopolitan Room Cote Sauvage jewellery from Chop Zuey right now at [...]

Where is Maddie Wyatt!!!!!?

A plea to the public....Help us find Maddie.Video:- Credits:-Tink Jeans from BlueberryBow top from (ViSion} is a free gift at the EpiphanyTears from A R T E Sweet Gloss from A R T EIbuki hair from Argrace Catya bento head from CATWAAngel shape for the Catya head LizBitzLara mesh body MaitreyaChristy dark skin Lara Hurley

Must I ?

I didn't want to wake up this morning.It's been a really long week and frankly if I could spend 48 hours in a sleep capsule, I would.However, today I am due to have a little guest come for the day and that is well worth the rise and shine for.Now the clothing.This outfit is going [...]

ASMR Friday

Because I've had quite a few emails for this I've decided to do maybe one ASMR video a week. So I have saved to a playlist on You Tube specifically titled ASMR and for those who aren't interested just easily skip the ASMR list titled videos.It's not to everyone's interest or taste. But it is [...]

Sitting by the dock

Well I'm not really sitting by the dock.I'm on my daily bus headed to that place we all go to called work.Apparently you have to attend in order to receive your pay packet. Crazy I know!I often wonder why can't I do as I please and still get paid?I'd happily attend a "do as you [...]

Viva La Vida

There was me late at night recording this video and trying not to wake anyone.I got home quite late as went to a friends for a meal straight after work. I came home a few hours later stuffed!!Then I remembered I had a load of washing that had to be done so I can wear [...]


Seriously, came home tonight and thought my god!!! Laundry!I forgot I need to do some washing and have instead been out for dinner and totally forgotten.Ahh well who does laundry? Not me.My washing machine can do that and a miracle pair of hands will  get it out and hang it up and have it ironed ready [...]

Stop and look

You know that saying "Stop and smell the roses?"I keep trying to remind myself to do that. So this morning on the way to my bus I stopped to smell a few flowers. Slugs!!!Remind me not to touch people's plants when it's been warm and damp!Yes I know the saying refers to life etc etc. [...]