Coffee with Isa

So after doing the Strawberry Singh vlogger challenge, I decided I enjoyed it so much, that what the heck I would start this Monday coffee with Isa. Yes I had considered the live streaming thing but to be honest, I'm never able to commit to any certain time as frankly real life gets in the [...]

The Dome effect

Good morning and welcome to Sunday. I received this outfit to blog last night and don't ask me why I felt like I wanted a rave, but the thought came to my head. So hence the video below. It reminded me of days when this was exactly what I would be doing and I did [...]

Fall like a lady

I've had the little man over today and certainly been taught a lesson in how we should watch our p's and q's in front of little ones. Sometimes we don't think.  Then it comes out!!! Yes as he leapt off a pillow on the floor to another pillow playing trampoline, out of his mouth it [...]

A summers day

Here in the UK it's a bank holiday long weekend. That first spring weekend where usually sunshine should be present and people plan a short getaway . I'm doing mine at the end of May, when I'm flying up to Scotland to visit a friend. I have to say I love it when I do [...]

The family

Meet my little family. Soy man and Justin Bantam. I'm kidding but if I were going to do the family thing then these will do don't you think. I have had a full on day today doing this that and then the other. I left myself logged into pixel paradise for a lot of it, [...]

The good life

I'm living the good life.  Well that's the name of the dress at any rate. I have the 4 day weekend break now and had a really lazy breakfast this morning and caught up on some episodes of the Walking Dead. Yes I know the image doesn't quite go with the outfit, but hey, fantasize [...]

The candy store

Yeah you assumed I was going to recite the lyrics for 50 cents version of the Candy Store, didn't you? Actually the minute I got my catwa lolly I couldn't get the song back out of my head. Now I'm stuck with it all over again like I was when it first came out. Back [...]

Right now

I'd give it all to be on a beach with the wind in my hair chasing my hat. Honestly I would. However as I write this I am actually at work in RL on my lunch break, eating a healthy ham and salad sandwich and a cup of tea. Living the dream....Living the dream! Detect [...]

Coffee with Isa

Well Strawberry Singh put it out there this challenge and at first I wasn't going to do it. But sat all day at work today I thought, ehhhh why not. Now I have talked for ages so be prepared when you click the link below. You have 20 minutes of me yakking away. I personally [...]