Its time

I made a big decision yesterday and left the workplace Union. I've been a rep since 2009 and along the way have become increasingly more stressed with the role which I juggle with my day job and any study I am doing. How do I feel this morning? Like I made the best decision ever!!!!! [...]

Only a matter of time

Im  laying on a beach on a tropical island and gaze at shimmering sunshine whilst drinking a pina colada and gazing at my hunky man as he walks out of the water towards me. His chest rippling and the water running down his skin. Then I wake up. Fifteen days and I have an essay [...]

Saturday sunshine

All is good in the world and no bad news to be heard.  But that's maybe because I made a active decision I would avoid seeing what the press had to say for one weekend. Two days of living in my ignorant bliss is definitely called for. Gorgeous sunshine, smiles and seeing good friends and [...]

She pouts.

It's Thursday and I'm as always on my bus ride to work.  I'm due to spend most of my day in union related meetings. I've decided this cannot possibly be, as I'm far from being really awake today. I'm actually rarely that alert anyhow due to a low B12 deficiency which can affect memory as [...]

Budget like a housewife

I'm staring out the bus right now and wondering about this day ahead. I've been called into meetings about restructures so many times in the past year. Average redundancy is around 20-40  each time. That's a hell of a lot of skills lost and people who will have mortgages and families to worry about. Two [...]

Where’s my Pikachu

 Because I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I downloaded that app to my iphone! Ok, I am not a game player on phones, but had to admit I could see the addiction to run around like a lunatic catching pretend nothing's in the virtual sphere while looking like a twit. Apparently [...]