Harriet goes all Biker

So Harriet Parker went all biker chick as she visited Legends Motorcycle Club Winter rally. Here is the link to visit Suffice to say just like the real world it was a snowy day. Enjoy the video... Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7FazX2RIwQ Credits:- Smog jeans from Ecstacy Design at the UP Event Sophie tank top from Addams Charlize leather jacket from Addams [...]

Running to get to work?

Definitely not! Overnight it has snowed nicely and more is forecast this morning and I'm not running to work at all. It's only just 6 am here in South East England and I'm contemplating wishing the gods to send more down so I can have a snow day. If not I'll have to make the [...]

Just another cup of coffee vlog

I'm a little moist with excitement right now. I'm on the bus and there are odd huge chunks of the white stuff falling from the sky. Excuse me while I clap like a penguin right now. I've waited all winter for this and Mother Nature finally said I could have done of it. They are [...]

Pretty Lady

OMG just woke up, jumped in shower in a panic thinking I was late for work and then realised it's Sunday!!! Seriously why . The dream I was caught up in gave me delusions for ten minutes. This dance video is full of stuff. Yes stuff! Not just a fabulous dance. (Seriously MOVE are just [...]

Tour my house

Happy Saturday. I'm childminding and already he is Mr Grumpy today. "I want Spiderman" " No I want Shrek". Mr undecided now is watching Andy and the dinosaurs. Welcome to my house tour. Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MJy53emapc&feature=youtu.be Credits:- Bruna outfit from Enigma at the TWE12VE Event Lulworth dressing table set from Raindale at the Sense Event Charlotte Hair from [...]


I have a little attitude this morning. Yes I do. I'm just off to a hearing for someone and had to do my 3 stage psych up. 1. Coffee 2. Snarl 3. Read the case Now I'm ready for anything. But if it's snows, I'm straight outside. That old chestnut I hear you say. Apparently [...]

Harriet and the hobo

Harriet goes to New York and finds herself a little lost. She meets the hobo, but is he what she thinks? Harriet has a preconceived idea of what he is, but she soon learns that even in the oddest of places, you never know who you may meet. Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68ULVx5yoqU Credits:- Bye bye love dress [...]