I aptly named this blog post jumble. Mainly because when I looked in my wardrobe this morning I heaved a big sigh and thought to myself "Jesus Christ, it's like a huge jumble in here"! Seriously I need to do some serious sorting out. It's the seasonal thing and usually I unpack my summer clothes [...]

That cottage

Yep I'm having another attempt at decorating! I've come to know and accept that a decor photographer  I will never be. I'm a trier and I guess can earn points for my trying. I love this cottage. All I needed was some freshly baked cookies and I'd be set for the night. I did a [...]

Chasing myself

I am pretty sure like this photo, there's another me running as fast as she can to catch up. Or is it the other way around? Yesterday I had to take my cat to the vet for his checkup and get his medication for the next 6 months.  Usually I time his medication around his [...]

What’s up 

A dress named after me!!! Well the RL me and I'll believe it if I want to! I'm on the bus right now headed to work and for some odd reason it's heaving with eager people going into work. Is there something I don't know? I mean most mornings at 6.45am the general population are [...]

Undies or Tennis?

Well today I decided I was going to be a lazy blogger. Because, well because I can. Its Saturday and I fancied a little laziness. So instead I did some RL bits around the home and then logged into the pixel planet and played with my land. I have removed one of the pool houses [...]

A summer serenade

I'm not really awake right now! I awoke at my usual time. Leaped out of bed (ok truth, crawled out of bed) into the shower, clothes on, nearly out the door then realised. It's my day off!!!! I had booked today as a leave day. If I had made it to the bus stop I [...]

What a night

You know I'm going to do it again. Whine about how hot it was last night. I love the heat but England is so not geared to hot weather and neither are its houses.  Unless of course you are so financially privileged you can afford the big sash windows, AC and the pool in the [...]

The greatest 

One of my friends sims closes to the public in the next few days. It's not gone for good as there will be folk residing there as a private homeland for a period of time. La Vie is my favourite go to place in all of SL and has been since I first found it. [...]