Lately my SL has become truly great for many reasons which a few months ago I never thought was possible. Special people and enjoying creativity has really sparked me. Frankly THAT is what SL is all about. I’m a little more cautious about people and their intentions because of what happened, but I think everyone should be a little cautious. Just as in RL, there are people in SL whose intentions are not honourable.

I have some good old friends I really value and a few new ones I have met along my journey. All very special people and pleased to know them in both worlds.

I’ve started really enjoying playing with the bento shapes and creating different shapes.

At the moment I’m working on the Catya by CATWA and Simone by LeLutka.

I’ve decided I’m a bit visual OCD because I keep seeing something slightly different to tweak in each shape and then make a new shape. I enjoy sharing them through the marketplace and it actually does make me smile when people message me about how pleased they are with the look.



Caramel shape for the Catya CATWA bento head from LizBitz

Tassles Kini is form the June Luxe Box

Bucket hat from Argrace

Maddie skin in toffee from [theSkinnery]

Pro bento hands from Vista Animations

Birdy pose from Gingerfish


Location…a beach



On the streets

No I’m not really on the streets, but my pixel me was.

I visited an urban sim to get that “street feel” to take this photo.

Well whilst there I was chatted up numerous times by lotharios and even invited to strip down and show how great my body is.

How lovely that someone wants to examine my goddess on the street.

Of course when I declined, I was met with the tirade about being a tease and words I simply cannot repeat at this time of the day.

Suffice to say despite it being an adult area I had presumed manners would exist and common sense.

The fact that I had projectors hanging off me and stuck in a pose wasn’t a clear indication of what I was doing certainly baffles me.

But what baffles me even more is the presumption that I must be looking for a “good time”.

Aren’t some people just plainly twits.



Credits :-

Heartbeat outfit from ArisAris/B&W

Perfect flower tattoo from [!Clown Tattoo & Gestures]

Iroha hair from Argrace

Carmel face and body shape for the Catya CATWA bento mesh head from LizBitz

Catya bento mesh head and Animated eyes from CATWA

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Grace skin in toffee from [theSkinnery]

Pro Bento hands from Vista

Hydro Bento rings from Absolut Vendetta





Credits :-

Simone bento mesh head from LeLutka

Bianca face and body shape for the Simone Bento head from LizBitz

Skin in dark tone from Lara Hurley

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Sugar hair in light blonde from the VIP group for Truth

Full Bianca.jpg


Sadly right now I’m RL I am not draped over my bed like this. 

I wish I was to be honest. Instead I’m sat in a bus rather chilled (as in freezing not laid back) waiting for it to depart from the stop. 

Yes back to work today.

But give me this pose and outfit right now in the warmth of my SL and I’d be quite chilled (in the laid back way not cold) .

I’m off to be brrrrrrrrrrrrr…..


Credits :-

Malika outfit (includes corset applier, jacket and boots from LaGeeny Fashion This is also available in white and black and on the Marketplace is currently $100L!!!

Debra hair from Truth

Carmel face and body shape for the Catya CATWA bento head from LizBitz

Catya bento mesh head and Animated eyes from CATWA

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Christy dark skin from Lara Hurley

Trompe Loeil – Driftwood Bed {A} from Trompe Loeil


Is it that look?

I actually don’t have anything to say. The video says it all.


Credits :-

Megan dress fatpack from Le Fashion Whore

Mya tip toe sneaker from LaGeeny Fashion

Jill face and body for Catya CATWA Bento mesh head only from LizBitz

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Daria skin from [theSkinnery]

Sugar hair is a VIP group gift from Truth

Filmed on location at *Blue Orange* with Kid Joe


Featuring LENI dance from MOVE! Animations Cologne These are Animations between Cool Down Style and also sexy, self confident. Calm and slow.

■■SPECIAL THANK YOU PRICE OFFER The Dances cost  JUST 200L$ each. And the Dance Pack (10 Dances) JUST ■■ (999L$).■■


Naughty and nice?

Now you would have to wonder from the photo, which one was which.

Suffice to say I think that you can never judge any book by its cover. Something I’ve learnt as I’ve got older and encountered different people.

I do believe everyone has an element of both naughty and nice. After all we aren’t perfect. We are however complex and interesting beings. Give me someone who has a mixture of both any day.




Credits :-

Stardust dress with jewellery from Entice available till the 30th at The Liaison Collaborative

Shriya hair from /Wasabi Pills/

IsaB face and body shape for the Bento Catya CATWA head from LizBitz

Catya mesh head and Animated eyes from CATWA

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Daria skin from [theSkinnery]

Bento mesh hands from Vista Animations

Birdy pose from Gingerfish

Male model the lovely KidJoe. Thank you.



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Whaaaat it’s finished???

Thank goodness. Seriously if I eat another chocolate or another plate of food I’ll combustulate.

I’ve had enough of that food malarkey and now seriously need to live on rabbit food for a while.

Oh, hang on, there’s still New Years meals. 

Throwing my covers back over my head and going back to sleep and wake up after New Years.


Credits :-

Joana blouse  sweater by [WellMade]  available right now at the Designer Showcase

Azken Heels by [Loovus]   at the Designer Showcase

Melanie Jeans from Blueberry

Deja hair from Truth VIP group

Catya bento mesh head and Animated eyes from CATWA

IsaB face and body shape for the Catya Bento mesh head from LizBitz

Christy dark skin from Lara Hurley

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Christmas Spirit poses from BAXE available at the moment from at Designer Showcase