Cyberpunk meets Dubstep at Hangars Liquides

Cyberpunk meets Dubstep at Hangars Liquides

No Coffee chats today. This week I promised myself and some good people I would spend my time raising the awareness of the amazing Hangars Liquides the largest and longest running cyberpunk city in the world. The entire visual content is crafted in 3D, by artist Djehan Kidd, all the textures are hand painted. The sound design has [...]

Thelma reviews Equal10

Thelma reviews Equal10

Thelma agreed to do Harriet a favour and review a box of Equal 10 goodies. Of course Thelma has her own style. Video:- Credits:- Nami dress from Lunar at the EQUAL10 Event Angelina hair from Kuni at the EQUAL10 Event Animesh Racsoon from SEmotion Libellune at the EQUAL10 Event Caravan, Surfboard and shower part [...]

Coffee about Trolls, blogger issues and a thank you

So I had a multitude of issues trying to upload Coffee with Isa to YouTube. Then I realized actually by integrating the virtual me it caused the upload to crash each time as when I removed the majority of the virtual overlay, finally after 3 attempts last night and then another 4 coming home today. [...]

Ready to rumble

It's the last day today for the Health and Safety course I've been on all week. It's been really interesting and to say I've learnt a thing or two is a wild understatement. I have actually learnt a lot. You are never too old to learn something new. I think that's the one thing about [...]

Harriet Parker goes VR

Whilst in Sydney Harriet is asked if she would like to step into VR and try out the new atlas experience in Sansar called Aech's garage. A scene set from the new film Ready Player one. Join Harriet in her first VR experience... Video:- Credits:- Chenille sweater and heels from Final Couture at the [...]

Coffee with Isa – YT, podcast and other things

As always little to write on a Monday because I ramble about it in the video. Yes 18 minutes about You Tube. Forgive me. Other stuff comes in after, honest. It's a case of I'm fully aware of the deadline by 20th February for us little You Tubers and do sharing it out there. Video:- [...]

Second life blog turned into Sansar moment

*UPDATE* Ebbe Altberg and some of the team have liaised with Ryan and it looks to be that this situation is on its way to being resolved. *Dialogue is always a great thing.* I actually was planning to talk about lovely winters thoughts and such like in this blog this morning regarding second life.But standing [...]