Breaking News with Harriet

Harriet is rebelling a little and taken to her shopping again. But what has Rupert got to do with it? Video:- Credits:- Look at me outfit from Lily at the EQUAL10 Event Tokyo Sunglasses from Haysuriza Headbanger dance gift from jnakagawa Soft matte lipstick  from A R T E Drew hair from OPALE at the EQUAL10 [...]

The tattoo brows and pc dilemma

Today's Coffee vlog I'm showing you around the recently updated Luanes World. One of my most favourite sims to visit in Second Life because of the attention to the seasons. I'm letting you in on my weekend mishaps. Suffice to say after you have watched the video. The hint is today they're reddy orange. Not [...]

A little hot

When you get all hot and bothered. Do you imagine yourself walking out the sea, all cooled down and chilled? Just to feel like you are not? That's me today sitting at work today , heating blaring and no windows open having a hot flush. I want winter over so they can turn off the [...]