The space mechanic

I am a little late with the weekend dance video. But then if you knew how spaced out I have been all week you would understand. I am still spaced out, hence the concept of the video which converges onto the upcoming Halloween  themed events and videos.   Video:- Credits:- Sanctification Headpiece from ::OOPS::  [...]

The Question

Thelma finishes a quick vlog and goes to meet Trevor in  the park to discuss their life together. There are questions about what will happen with Charmaine. But its what Trevor has to tell Thelma thats the shocker. Video:- Credits:- Naja set (bodysuit and pants - has hud!) from .miss chelsea. at the .equal10 Event [...]

That quiet moment

I am having a quiet moment before the mad rush of the little one when he lands on my doorstep at 9.45am. It's been a rough week and my tiredness is off the scale at the moment. Drugs. Honestly I question the benefits given the side effects. I have definitely had some of those. Still [...]


I am on the late bus this morning. I had forgotten why I don't get this bus the last few years. Schoolies!!!!!! That early morning exuberance and zest for life. While us older folk sit, still glazed over by our lack of sleep the night before. Oh not to forget the hula hoop crisps flying [...]

Spank me James

Harriet has James over for the afternoon to show off her new conservatory furniture. She is excited because the chairs can animate. James doesn't have much to say, but then he never does. Video:- Credits:- Satin chain cargo pants and top from Rebel Gal at the .equal10 Event Leli hair from Opale at the [...]

Visiting Candydale in Sansar

Another trip to a Sansar experience. Candydale by Luise. This reminds me a little of Willy Wonka without the scary Johnny Depp. What a lovely experience. Colourful and reminds me of when I was younger how much I wanted to live in a land full of sweets. Shhh don't tell anyone that. These days you [...]