Snow maybe?

Nipples erect and hair on end. Brrrrrrrrr it's wonderfully cold this morning. All the requirements are sliding into place for maybe snow? Gritters are being sent out and I live in hope I may see a flake. I'm excited like a pig in a muddy trough right now. If I could roll around in the [...]

The chiller

Ok so let me just add here, not only am I cold in this video, the same can be said for real life right now. I just boarded a bus and iced actually describes how I'm feeling right now. I love it!!! Winter is finally here and I'm now wishing for snow. Snow boots have [...]

Road to nowhere

Well that's not quite true about the road to nowhere. I'm on the bus headed to work. I probably shouldn't be as I'm still feeling meh, however I'm aware there are a few people relying on me and I don't want to let them down. The good thing about my desk situation is that I [...]

Coffee with Isa – Depression real virtual worlds.

Before I even start. Please excuse my head cold as you can really hear it in this video. I wanted to make sure I went ahead with this Coffee chat and so had to record it over a few days. So please excuse if you pick up any pauses or sound imbalances Todays coffee vlog [...]

Lia Bento head VISTA Animations

Absolutely love this head!!! I'm not an official blogger for Vista but after trying out the demo I had to buy it and play around and make my own shape. Its stunning. Video:- Credits:- Lia  bento head from VISTA Animations Elie shape for the Lia Head LizBitz Its time for Hygge pose from Luanes [...]

Baby without you

Cant go to sleep on a Saturday night without sending out the dance video. This video and song dedicated to the man. Can't be without you. Video:- Credits:- Featuring the Dennis Bento dance from MOVE! Animations Cologne a BENTO - Cool Down - Slow - Standing The Dances cost 300L$ each. We give MORE [...]

Winter is coming

Let me tell you if you didn't already know. Winter is coming!! Of course with that comes colds and flu. I'm already in the midst of my first cold and by the rate everyone around me is dropping off, won't be my last. I'm a terrible patient. I feel woeful and sorry for myself and [...]

My pussy cat

Currently I am not well. So I'm not going to ramble . The video below is the outfit but you will see Harriet likes it too! Have a good day. I now lay my head back down on said pillow with my cat beside me. Video:- Credits:- Ember Tiered skirt and halter top from [...]

Whats inside the house

Good morning, good evening or even good afternoon. Wherever, you may be in the world. Apparently it's hump day again. These hump days seem to be floating by rather quickly and I'm having less and less time to get things done in both worlds. Two days ago I started feeling the inklings of being unwell. [...]

A little bit of …

Well for modesty and facebooks sake, the nipple shields sit on the main picture. I'm still wondering why as women we can't walk around like this in today's society and not feel like it's perfectly ok? Every single day in the summer months I see men walking around with no shirts, nipples pointed out to [...]