LumiWatch smart watch and Marigolds

So in fact I am home today as not only is it raining (no that's not why I am home) but because I have some kind of leak in my ceiling. Mind you looking out the window I can only imagine what its like outside right now as brisk doesn't quite describe it out there. [...]

A breather

Stopping to take a breather before bed beckons me. I think I need another weekend to get over this weekend. It's all good. I had immense fun but now it's adult time. Oh hang on it's nearly time for sleep. But just before I do.... Credits:- Alana skirt from ::OOPS::at the  XXX Event till May 3rd [...]

The bonds of friendship

There's something about my close knit of real life and virtual friends that certainly makes it all worthwhile. But there are times you can't get them all together at once and you resort to the bot! They are resurfacing and will be coming into videos more frequently again because frankly they do as they are [...]

The beach life

Swimsuits at the ready? No me neither. Not in reality anyhow. In reality though I'm actually feeling pretty annoyed with myself that I'm not ready to be seen in a swim suit and frankly don't like me myself right now. For many of us on this planet it's a constant struggle to meet the image [...]

2 drunks at the Roady’s bar

Trevor has disappeared yet again. He only went for a walk to the shop and never returned home. Thelma isn't bothered as this is true Trevor style. Trevor has a history of doing this and Thelma is just more irritated than concerned. She has a night out with the girls at Roady's bar and it's [...]

Harriet names the royal baby

Harriet is more excited about the birth of the little prince than she lets on. Harriet has already named the little fellow and simply wants to let Kate and William know her wonderful idea. Video:- Credits:- Claire De Lune dress from Entice at the Trunk Show (It has a hud) Bewkie  hair from Truth [...]

That’s what I think

That's what I think! I've just landed at the bus stop and it seems I'm under dressed for today because not only is it chilly, apparently rain is coming in abundance. My thoughts on that are truly well reflected in this photo. Just when my excitement about summer came flooding in, Ive had to shelve [...]

Coffee with Isa and the virtual worlds

What a mad dash today with work and home and sorting out tomorrow. Coffee is late but then Im thinking is it? Its still Monday in the UK and so I'll use that as my excuse. Hope you have all had a glorious Monday and weekend just gone by. Video:- Credits:- Urgent top and [...]

My Fantasy

My fantasy is that I was a brunette again. Back in the day.... Now days I am betwixt and between the blonde and the brunette with the silver coming in abundance. But here in virtual paradise I remembered I could be if I wanted to be. Brunette again. So for one day, why not. Actually [...]

Just the dance

I dreamt I was dancing and then I woke up. Last night was a pretty full on experience for me as I went Atlas hopping in Sansar and whilst doing so my internet crashed a few times. But none the less I thoroughly enjoyed it and met some fun people along the way. Seems there [...]