Thelma seeks Psychiatric help

When I received the psychiatric booth from DRD I couldn't stop laughing. Seriously the endless possibilities for a skit using this sprung to my mind. I felt that Thelma the most unlikely candidate would get to test it out. After all she does like to talk. Here's the video.... Video:- Credits:- Tracks of my [...]

How to – Smooth Cam in Firestorm the easy way

I have been asked by a number of people how I make my videos smooth when moving around. I am certainly no expert and still have a lot to learn. So therefore  I am simply sharing how I personally do it and what works for me when I am filming. I tend to use the [...]

Up you working week

And this is how I intend to roll for the next 5 days as I'm off work and de-stressing. Oh and this is Coffee with Isa on Friday instead of Monday because well why not. Happy Long weekend everyone who has one. Video:- Credits:- JoAnn dress from Bijou Rogue Stomper platform boots from Reign Blessed eyes  [...]