Second Life Destination : Finians Dream

Second Life Destination : Finians Dream

I love visiting destinations in the virtual realm that hold a bit of atmosphere to them. This place Finians Dream is one such place and I wanted to show it to you in case you have never visited. As per usual the video below. Be aware it’s longer than my usual as I was just [...]

Naming ceremony of SoapyWater and ThunderClap

Naming ceremony of SoapyWater and ThunderClap

Today is the naming ceremony of Beverley as she transcends into the next stage of her life adventure into calm and chakra cleansing. Join her along this journey. Releasing all inner body energies. Releasing...... Video:- Credits:- Victorias Fantasy outfit from ::Smexy:: Radiance eyes from A R T E Arwen Eyeshadow from A R T E Suffer [...]

Time to feel the moment

Today is weirdly unseasonably milder than normal. Double digit figures. Usually this time of year we are basking in cold and it's scarves at the ready, gloves and coats. Well it's mid November and I still haven't taken my winter coat out of its summer mothballs. I may as well take the opportunity to enjoy [...]

Lets hit the road

I have decided I am going on a tour of the highway and will be back in the morning. If I find a hitchhiker along  the way, I will let you know. Good night and may the wheels keep spinning even when the petrol runs out. Credits:- Avianna outfit from [PRISM] at the Designer Showcase Gem [...]

Secret Agent Harriet Parker

Harriet goes on a mission to find Bryn Oh. The artist formerly known as Bryn Oh. Video:- Credits:- Dark magic outfit from D.E. Boutique at the Designer Showcase May replica sunglasses from Haysuriza at the Designer Showcase Paradox hair from Stealthic Kimberley bento head from CATWA Evie shape for the CATWA Kimberley head LizBitz [...]

Lets fly

Somehow this image isn't quite what is happening. I mean here today in reality, its raining for starters. Wearing a babydoll dress would not  be convenient and the other not happening thing is the leap into the air. I mean in my head Im leaping. Many reasons for that but not telling. The reality is [...]