That quiet moment

I am having a quiet moment before the mad rush of the little one when he lands on my doorstep at 9.45am. It's been a rough week and my tiredness is off the scale at the moment. Drugs. Honestly I question the benefits given the side effects. I have definitely had some of those. Still [...]

Lets fly

Somehow this image isn't quite what is happening. I mean here today in reality, its raining for starters. Wearing a babydoll dress would not  be convenient and the other not happening thing is the leap into the air. I mean in my head Im leaping. Many reasons for that but not telling. The reality is [...]

My thoughts on “that” video

So earlier today I saw on my Facebook feed about a video and then clicked and went and watched it. Mainly because there were so many comments, I figured I may as well go and see what the fuss is about. Frankly I wanted to throw things at the screen and was swearing to the [...]