If we fail, we just reboot

Sailors passing on the street , are you ready For peace Ships are filling up fast, are you ready For ease Forget bad memories and,  leave those hurt and mess behind Birds are filling up the sky,  Are you willing to try Sing along as they howling before fill up Many more will coming,  Many [...]

My scary valentine

Can you believe it, only a few days till the V DAY. Anyone who knows me will know its not big on my list of the to do stuff. I have always figured if I love someone and them vice versa, the love would flow no matter of a particular day. That said though, I [...]


A white wedding? Me? Are you kidding? Just participating in Strawberry Singh's challenge for places to visit. Enjoy...... Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCN6nTFjg3I Credits:- Bliss wedding gown from Saschas Designs One and only veil and tiara from Entice Winter princess makeup from A R T E Ambrosia Hair from D!VA Catya bento head from CATWA Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz [...]

Watering my lady garden

Watering my lady garden

I've never done a naughty Vlog or blog before. Mine are always age appropriate as I'm always aware that a variety of ages take the time to watch. But in saying that, I believe you can be adult and at the same time make it fun and not sleazy or provocative. So this is my [...]

Marry Me

Marry Me

Indeed the only time you will see me in a wedding dress.I didn't even wear one when I married in real life. I'm of course divorced now and I still can't envisage the real me wearing one, unless of course I looked like this.In saying that I did always dream of the white wedding.Probably not [...]

All dressed up

So its Friday night and what am I doing? Writing this blog. I just realised today in many ways I should be on some hot date somewhere, sipping wine and flirting like a floozy. In actual fact I am in my living room and too shattered to even think about getting dressed up and stepping [...]

Never Walk Alone

But dancing alone is definitely allowed.  Whilst filming this at Salt Water I could sense onlookers wondering what the heck I was in fact doing. Prancing around like my hippy self swaying to my own music.  I recall at the time of filming there was some chicken kicking track playing on the sim  that certainly [...]