Wow its New Years eve already?

Ive been thinking about all the New years resolutions I have made and I still haven't completed them. Not one single one. Every year we sit down and promise ourselves a resolution we will achieve by the following New Year. Yet how many of us actually do get the final result? I'm like most, the [...]

Facing the paparazzi?

This backdrop did make me laugh so had to get it. There's been so much negative feedback about the new sim Backdrop City that I seriously had to put my two cents worth in. I'm a daily vlogger/blogger and try to do a lot of my blogs around the various sims in Second Life as [...]

All in my head

I must be dreaming, time to go back to work already? Video:- Credits:- Menthe Skirt with fishnet tights from Bijou (this has a colour hud) Excited boots from Bijou Fur coat from Kaithleens Charlotte hair from Analog Dog If I could pose from Luanes World at the XXX Event Catya bento head from CATWA Angel [...]

Post xmas blues

Well I really didn't have Christmas as such. I was home on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and missed out on two meals with family. I'm hoping that this past week is just an end to a year of misfortune and next week a brighter year lays ahead. Frankly despite popular opinion, I'm not [...]

Brussels sprouts in the elevator

Boxing Day morning and the real me is still not feeling great. However there is a but. I'm feeling way better than yesterday. So, Harriet on the other hand could be feeling worse than me? Video:- Credits:- My way skirt and jacket from Entice at the Trunk Show Darkness hair from Magika Kimberley bento head [...]

Merry Christmas to all the children

I'm home today because I'm just not well enough to go to my daughters. I can't really risk passing on the chest infection to anyone. So it's the sofa, tissues. Xmas films and a box of chocolates. My daughter said when they dish the dinner someone will run it down to me so I don't [...]

Christmas wine with Isa

Coffee with Isa is early by one day because it is after all falling on Christmas Day, so I thought I'd do it for Christmas Eve instead. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas time and see you after the madness of festivities. Now for the final coffee got 2017....... Video:- Credits:- Ice [...]

Falling in love with winter

I haven't much to say today as feeling woe is me. Added to that I have a little person here and so in between him waking and sleeping. Have a lovely Saturday. Video below .... Video:- Credits:- My way skirt and jacket from Entice at the The Trunk Show Lynn hair from D!VA Catya bento [...]

Off I go

Well woke up today and guess what? No, go on guess! Sore head, sore throat and ache like I've done five rounds in a boxing ring. Today is my first day of five days festivities and already it's not looking too great. Mind you I've still got 3 days in essence to have lots of [...]

Polar Kisses

I was hoping for a polar kiss. But instead I'm going to get a melting moment. The white Christmas dream is slowly disappearing as it was confirmed to me by the broadcaster on the tv that nope no chance of said white stuff is apparent. Dashed, the fantastical dreams are dashed. So instead it's a [...]