::Oops:: its Sunday again

Sunday evening and the weekend has just nearly come to the end for all of us. Tomorrow is another day and I am just wondering what the new week holds. I will avoid the papers and the news and concentrate on all the good frivolous things we can enjoy instead. Happy Sunday …. Credits:- Save [...]

The COCO Doll

The last few days I decided I would play around with my Coco dolls and get a photo. I've taken a break this weekend from representing the stores I blog with and just having a chilled creative moment. My new characters for the new 2019 videos appeared in my most recent Harriet/dance video. Strangely enough [...]

Its a digital world – KAWAII

This week Harriet is covering  the Dance video. Because as Isabelle said it is right up her street. MOVE Animations have brought in the new Sophie Bento KUWAII dances. Theyre totally adorable. Now the video as Harriet goes to  get her outfit at Equal10 to join the dancers on the dance floor. Video:- https://youtu.be/-zCwTOhY38U Credits:- [...]


I woke up this morning with a heady excitement. For some daft reason I dreamt it had snowed and there was 3 ft of the white stuff outside. It was only a dream. For others likely a nightmare. You will often read of my excitement when the white stuff comes. I was so excited a [...]