Review Policy

Thank you for visiting my page.
I love to blog and vlog and am by no means a solely a Second Life or Sansar blogger and Vlogger.I just love using the platform to do what I do and in turn acknowledging the wonderful creative works done by merchants both in the virtual world and in the real world.

I also use my alt Bondibabe as I have a saved male avatar within.
I am affiliated to a number of merchants currently in the virtual world and some events and aim to do as many of the items I can do in the allotted time periods.
Sometimes due to how busy I am in real life, this at times may not be possible. After all I work full time and have friends and family that also require my time.
However in saying that I will still blog the items and acknowledge the merchant in any other posts that I undertake.
I am limited with adult orientated items due to the platforms I like to use to display them. So often I will ensure they are PG in order to market them on a wider scale. I hope you understand this. I will however always ensure the un PG is shown within the blog post and on Flickr platform.
For You tube, I am not solely a fashion vlogger and do not aim to turn my channel into an only fashion channel. Therefore if I do blog an outfit, it will be because it has a hud.
As you will see I often use outfits in all videos I make and always acknowledge them.
Thank you for requests to do various events. However I am not an event vlogger and as such can only undertake those with time permitting. My commitment is always to the merchants who I am an official vlogger and blogger for.
That said I am happy to do them, when I have the time.
I am contactable both on my Facebook page and via my avatar Isabelle Cheren. Please always send a notecard as my IM’s do get capped. Failing that you can email me in order to get a direct response.

Love Liz aka Isabelle Cheren

Isabelle cheren’s use of the SLBN logo does not constitute approval by or a representation or endorsement from Linden Lab.”