lara hurleyskin

On reflection

Its been a whole week and bit since I have become a noob and I have to say I have not a bad wardrobe collection now and various hairs. All thank you to wonderful content creators who offer samples of their creations free at their stores in a group gift or upon subscribing. These are… Continue Reading



Amazing what you can do on phone apps. Clearly my avatar and me melted together to make let’s say an “interesting visual.” I’m chuckling as I’m on my bus ride to work this morning. Beautiful day here already!! I have a good feeling and just wanted to share that, despite how my RL avatar is… Continue Reading

To know


Guess what. I have finally completed that essay and submitted it! No going back now, its been written, its been sent and now I just feel some real relief. So I’m free to do as I please, well until the next one is due………….     Credits:- Hair is a group free gift by ::Phoenix::… Continue Reading


Can’t concentrate!!!

Its Sunday morning here in the UK and I’m supposed to be doing this darn essay. Well its not going too  well I can tell you. You know when you have so many ideas in your head and you don’t know which one to lay down first? Well that’s me right now.  So when in… Continue Reading



  Just woken up and realised I’m supposed to be sat at my desk writing an essay. Lord help the world this weekend. Yesterday my attention span allowed me to create a pretty front page and colour scheme. Oh and 94 words. Only 1,406 to go. Credits in this pic are very simple. The outfit… Continue Reading

New Imagelea

Hell yes

I visited an adult sim called Umbral last night to take this photo. Actually very prettily done and I will certainly visit again as it has a gorgeous feel to it. I did have a chuckle as I was approached by a manly avatar who asked me if I basically wanted to get jiggy. The… Continue Reading

gates of melancholy

Noob madness

 Last night I decided to go to the Ness Market website and check out all the tips she has to offer. Absolutely brilliant! As you can see by the photos, noob I do not appear. Well only in the fact my hands and feet are like golum’s. But apart from that I’m acceptable to appear… Continue Reading