The hump?

Apparently this is called hump day. Every time I hear that expression I do laugh to myself. For me Hump refers to being in a not so great mood, "having the hump". So every time I hear someone say it, I want to ask "why you got the hump?". Yes it is Wednesday the day [...]


Yesterday was not such a great day and today as I sit here bouncing along on the bus, I'm guessing today may still have a little residue of yesterday shadowing it. When people do things you don't expect them to because you really believe they are something special. It's a blow to realise that you [...]


As I had time on my hands I played around with another shape yesterday and came up with Alison. Loosely based on a friend of mine who kind of looks like this only she has dark hair, brown eyes and never wears a bikini. Little differences.  I've just woken and panicked but realised that it's [...]

A quick nap

I was talking to someone in SL last night about naps. Just taking like a nano nap, how refreshed it makes you feel. I was considering doing that today, but I didn't need to. I laid in bed till a shocking 10.30am. Today the world could go by and care I not. I took this photo [...]

Never not getting in!

I visited Winter Trace again last night simply because I love that sim, it's done so beautifully. I was standing on the edge of the little jetty and someone shouted "Don't do it", hence my idea for this photo. Did make me chuckle and I do love how people start conversations at times. I of [...]

More cake? Noooooo

What a day...too much cake and cheesecake and cake again. Doubt this outfit will fit after today!!! Video   Credits :- Fugue top, Skirt and the Scarborough boots are from Entice available today at the Cosmopolitan Room Tattooed heart eye makeup is from Entice at the The Makeover Room from the 1st February until the [...]

Happy birthday me

I decided it's about the dance today. I've literally just woken up in RL and it's after 10 am!!!!  Shocker. I have nothing planned apart from family and relaxation. To me that's what it's all about. Oh and I might practice these dances in RL.  And if you think I'm doing a RL you tube [...]


I have 4 days of no work. Love it already. Lazy lay ins and doing as I please. Tomorrow is my birthday and I figured why not treat myself to some chillaxing time. Today I already have had visitors for a few hours and so hence the late post. However I'm not that late as [...]

Late I know!!

First time in a long time I haven't blogged on the bus on the way to work. Why is that you may ask? Well because last night I spent time with he who makes me smile before I went to bed. Some days you just need those moments to talk and have some time with [...]

Some Paris?

Bus driver driving like a lunatic right now. Yes mate you are late. However the bus fare I pay is to get me to work safely. I'm almost tempted to yell at him, but I get the feeling he is the kind that will just speed up a little more. You know those kinds? So [...]