Bhangra in Second Life

My god, can SL can get better. These dances are amazing. That's all I have to say. Seriously that is all I can say. Video:- Credits :- Bhangra mocap dances Abranimations Nadira harem set from {Zaara} Catya bento head CATWA Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz Lara mesh body Maitreya Christy dark skin [...]

A little bit of rain never hurt anyone

Said no one who just had their hair done. I have just had my hair straightened by my daughter for the evening and discovered tomorrow its likely to rain. Now, what's the point in that. I have the wildest hair in RL and yet its straightens like silk quite fast. Put a drop of water [...]

Waiting for sunshine

The wait is over. According to the morning news we will reach the heady heights of around 21 celcius locally today. Serious dressing decisions had to be made on my part for the day ahead. Out comes the linen dress and the pale pink lippy. I'm ready to be Miss Spring. I absolutely love spring. [...]


If you fall, I'll be there                              ~ Mat Enjoy your new Vlog workout. Video Vlog :- Credits :- No more leggings from Entice available now at the Cosmoplitan room event No more top from Entice available right now at the [...]

Crazy days

Good morning world. Yesterday was a crazy Monday in RL with work and I'm guessing that today is likely to be as well. Actually the last few years have been that way if you work for government departments in the U.K. Since the debt crisis hit a few years back we have had a rollercoaster [...]

I just want to dance

One of the main past times for me in SL has always been dancing. Seriously who doesn't love watching their pixel person bust a move? However these days I dance alone because I'm always on the move and I'm one of those people who makes decisions as quick as it takes to press enter on [...]

You talking to me?

That's about as tough as my tough girl look can go. Last night in pixel planet was one of mixed emotions. Firstly a project I had been commissioned to do, one of the participants suddenly decides to message me stating they are no longer part of the project and that I had to completely change [...]

Spring is nearly sprung

In the UK the clocks change for daylight saving hours this weekend.  So I'm guessing spring is on it's way. The clocks change always messes up my sleep patterns for weeks after.  But, I love the moment it changes as I come home from work in daylight and still have daylight for a few hours [...]