Elvion and some news

I’m sat here relaxing on the sofa after packing away my groceries that arrived an hour ago.

I have two days off now. One which is a last minute one because I have to babysit tomorrow.

I mean I could have worked at the same time and I would have but my lovely manager suggested it was ok and we are fully staffed.

Tomorrow I have my grandson who is isolating at home with the rest of his class due to a Covid case.

Tomorrow he will come here and will still attend school albeit via zoom calls. I seriously cannot wait to see this!!! 5 year olds doing their zoom lessons with the teacher. Technology seriously rocks at times!!!

I then have to supervise him having a PE lesson online with Joe Wicks and take photos for the school doing his lesson.

I seriously feel this will be a day like heaven to me to be part of his day, especially after this lockdown of not getting much quality times with him.

Mason will be 6 next week and it’s so surreal as it’s been nearly 6 years since his heart surgery. Back then it was all so traumatic and worrying as a family to see this little baby boy go through so much. yet today he is an amazing healthy nearly 6 year old.

These moments are precious. I will certainly cherish every second of it.

I have some news to share and yet part of me feels so awkward sharing it because the boots are such tough ones I shall be stepping into.

I will be taking over Strawberry Lindens role in live streaming the Second life book club to the Second Life channel, working alongside Draxtor Despres.

I have been fortunate to have helped out a number of times previously and also had the experience of live streaming the Con Sweeney Mystery Hour over the last year. Or maybe longer, I’m so forgetful now.

It has been good experience for me especially in controlling a space mouse in lag!! I’ve learnt some of my own handy camera tricks and I really hope I do even half a good job as Strawberry does.

Now for the destination video…..



Amala top and shorts from Ec Cloth at the EQUAL10 Event

Lena pose from Lyrium at the EQUAL10 Event

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Bloodline hair from DOUX

Makeup from Velour

Eline skin from AMARA

Reflectice eyes from Amara

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Shot on location at Elvion

2 thoughts on “Elvion and some news

  1. “I will be taking over Strawberry Lindens role in live streaming the Second life book club to the Second Life channel, working alongside Draxtor Despres.”

    Congratulations. You’ve got quite some boots to fill there. I hope The Lab pays you well.

    What happens to Berry, she failing upwards?

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