Elvion and some news

Elvion and some news

I’m sat here relaxing on the sofa after packing away my groceries that arrived an hour ago. I have two days off now. One which is a last minute one because I have to babysit tomorrow. I mean I could have worked at the same time and I would have but my lovely manager suggested [...]

Hippy days?

My mind says dance but my body is saying go back to sleep. Good morning Sunday. I'm not happy you woke me but it would be totally remiss of me not to arrive without some enthusiasm. I wonder how many are still asleep around the world or haven't made it to bed yet? The thing [...]


The day I recorded the video it certainly was dismal. But today? Nope it has been s glorious crisp sunny day here in the south of England. I have no complaints, because it's also Friday and I'm free!!! Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkToH0H_a_4 Credits:- Irelands call outfit from Entice at the Designer Showcase What I hide pose from [...]

The prescence

Sometimes it's the unspoken moments that are the most powerful. Oh you thought I meant the picture? No, when I pop my head on the pillow and finally sleep! Good morning everyone, have a great day. Credits:- Jackson for letting me use his body Sensual chair pose from Viv.a! at the Hash on Black event Giselle [...]