For the love

I have so many Valentines bits but not enough hours in the day to share them with you.

I think a few more hours would be helpful don’t you? I mean relaxation hours not working hours.

I may have a chat with Mother Nature and see what she can come up with.


Julyanna dress from Enigma at Dazzle (dress has a hud)

Charlotte hair from Analog Dog

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Performer chair from Dutchie

Shot on location at Backdrop City

Christy dark skin Lara Hurley


The three little pigs

So the story went……….



Zooby child avatar Jacky from Zooby

Sweater dress from Sweet Penelope

Patterned sneakers from Zooby

Charlotte hair from Analog Dog

Playtime pigs from Jian

Shot on location at Oasis Zoo and my home

SANSAR- Throwing objects

Ok it’s the little things!!

I can throw stuff.

I don’t have a VR headset and for those that are like me , keyboard and mouse. This is well appreciated in the next step of Sansar.

Now I feel a little more able to participate somewhat and so my next step will be to see if I can shoot a ball in the basket.

Of course something about Drax tidy man cave . A little mess it up moment. Ish!



Shot on location at Toppleton Toy Town and  114 Harvest 

Download the software at SANSAR

How to change the sky in SANSAR!

So I have been asked some questions about Sansar and the experience and how to do things.

Today is the how to do the skybox/windlight or whatever you choose to call it.

I think the whole surrounding is what makes an experience take on its ambiance and so I'm giving just a quick overview on  how to do this.

The fun part of it is you can change things as often as you like and save, then when you are ready, publish to the wider community.

I have changed mine twice.

Always remember you can work on your "scene" as much as you like in edit mode and always click save. Once you click save you can then come out of edit mode and what you were working on will be saved in the background, ready for you to go back and tweak a little more. Its once you press publish that the scene then comes alive for all to see. So you can take your time and really create what you want.




To find the world Sansar

Outfit I am wearing is from Sansar Studios

Hair and hat Sansar Studios


It has to be said

One of the things about me is that I love nature with a passion. 

Ive been a city girl for parts of my life and at those times yes it was an exciting thriving existence. But, give me peace, tranquility and a few animals any day and I’m like a pig in mud.

Mind you, I’d like a maid and a gardener at my beck and call as well as frankly all that nature living comes at the price of getting down and getting dirty.

Time id rather spend in the sunshine, by the water, listening to the birds.

I’m on my way to work and feeling incredibly sorry for myself as haven’t been well the past few days. Soldier on as the saying goes. 

What I wouldn’t give right now to be this woman in the picture..




That touch

 As she felt him against her cheek, Isabelle felt that familiar tingling she always felt when he came near. Somehow she couldn’t escape those feelings no matter how hard she tried.

It had been a long while since she had felt those familiar stirrings. Almost forgotten as they were, it wasn’t long before that same deep stirring need she felt back then, came tumbling back now.

As she slid her towel to the ground, her fingers sliding across her body as she began to rub.

That damn flea was back!






Happy Easter

No matter what walk in life and what religion or culture, finding time for loved ones and friends is important.

For Christians Easter is one of those moments and it affords in some countries public holidays from work, school etc to be able to find that time to be with people.

It really doesnt matter what you believe in terms of religion to enjoy time spent.

For me this long weekend is time off from work, a moment to catch up on relaxation and perhaps give more thought to the things I love to do.

I will be spending time with family and friends, some close by and some distant in one form or another over the next few days.

Chocolate? Goes without saying. I’m addicted to chocolate and if Easter is a good excuse to eat some, so be it, I shall.

Don’t try and remove that chocolate. I can suddenly run like a ninja!

There is of course inside of me the thoughts I will give to how we came to be here and why. But those are my individual thoughts not based on religion or society, but simply I like everyone else, want to know.

Will I ever know? Probably not till another life. But in the meantime, I intend to have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the time that this holiday gives us from the rat race.

I hope you do too.