Picture this if you will

It’s 10 pm here U.K. time and unlikely I’ll get much sleep tonight.

I’m exhausted to be honest but I also don’t feel I can go to bed. I’ve had a really rubbish few days. Like really rubbish. I could have said days ago, Sunday, yesterday but I didn’t.

I try and just crack on as nothing worse than a whiner.

So I had the vaccine on the 12 March and ached a few days like an old woman. Job done all over.

Wednesday last week a headache started. Got bad Thursday night/Friday morning into Saturday. Apart from headaches felt ok if not more tired .

I put it all down to side effects.

Sunday started getting an odd nausea moment now and then. Monday comes and I’m literally buzzing and more awake and alert I’ve felt in a long time. On top of that I’ve been peeing like a ridiculous constant and can’t stop drinking.

Then the nausea gets worse and keeps coming. Then the sweating. In the meanwhile I’m starting to test my sugars to make sure I’m ok. They’re reading 23 then 21 and basically been that way a few days.

Today I tried to get a call back from a doctor at the GP surgery and instead I got a call back from a nurse. I describe what I’m feeling and that I’m constantly peeing and can’t satiate my thirst.

So the first thing she says in her why you wasting my time voice was to say in a gruff voice “why are you testing your sugars” errr I’m a diabetic!! Then proceeds to tell me I shouldn’t have to. Well gosh tell the doctor then as it’s the doctor that prescribed me the stuff to record my readings.

Nurse then proceeds to tell me I either have menopause or I may need a check as she thinks I have a prolapse!!! So yes what can I say at this point? What part of diabetic did she not hear.

But let’s make things worse. I said I need to be seen. So an appointment is made for me today at 3pm. Nope not see a doctor but the paramedic!! He who doesn’t know about diabetes at all.

It gets worse. So he takes my blood pressure. It’s high but he says he isn’t worried by it, takes a blood test to read the sugar, it’s high and he says I shouldn’t worry about it as it’s normal. So again my mouth was agape. ( in my masks). Anyone with a brain cell knows a diabetic should go above 12 at the worst but 21 that’s serious.

I hand him a bottle of pee and he asks me what for. Err to check my ketones as I’m a diabetic. so he dips the stick and says yes they’re a bit high but he isn’t worried.

Then he is about to dismiss me and I say ummm I’m feeling sick, I have a constant headache, I’m sweating, peeing and can’t get enough water and my stomach pain.

Apparently I need Gaviscon and to get my eyes tested as its maybe my vision causing me to feel this way.

Glad I was wearing a mask because under it I was looking at him mouthing the C U next Tuesday word.

No I really was.

I’ve got blood test on Thursday but here I am at home in pain, feeling sick and still got high sugars. It’s 10:30 pm and I can’t go sleep like this.

Moral of the story ? Right now the NHS is questionable.

But if you want to see how incompetent today was. Don’t take my word. The phot below the credits is a text message sent to me after my consultation on the phone with the nurse.

Apparently I’m a candidate to consider being checked for diabetes!!!! Oh an apparently referring to blood tests? I don’t need to say more!



Susa mint outfit from Una at the EQUAL10 Event

Camera ready pose from Lyrium at the EQUAL10 Event

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Black panther from the Rezz Room at the EQUAL10 Event

Blush hair from Truth

Kinky Eyeshadow from Velour

Monica HD lipstick from Velour

Eline skin from AMARA

Reflectice eyes from Amara

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Shot on location at Luanes World

7 thoughts on “Picture this if you will

  1. Ugh, sounds like it might be time to switch doctors if possible, maybe, not sure if health care workers are being overworked these days, but something similar happened at my grams appointment. My mom accompanied her, let me state that although my mom looks very sweet and reserved (some people comment she looks like Jane Seymour) my mother is the “take no prisons” type of person! Ruthless? Indeed! When she has to be that is, now that being said my grams got the attention she needed due to my mom not taking the brush off for an answer. Please take care my friend, you are not wining at all, we each know our bodies, and being as ill you were/are, needs to be addressed, lets hope it all gets resolved, hugz and hoping you’ll feel better very soon.


    1. Thank you. Sadly it’s not about the doctors. It’s that we can’t see a doctor and fobbed off to people who don’t understand anything about diabetes as not their speciality. 😳


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