By The pool

The photo has nothing to do with my blog.

I mean I’m not right now standing outside wearing panties and pasties. Heaven forbid. It’s rather cold!!!

It’s my lunch break and I’m actually sitting on my sofa drinking tea and eating lunch.

The sight is track pants, sweater and looking like I’ve not really slept in a long while.

It’s Friday and away goes another week of life that I frantically would like to get back and change. As you know I’ve been experiencing a hyperglycaemic period which is something very new to me.

It was very upsetting as well as surreal as no one was listening until I spoke to the 111 service. Yesterday I had blood tests I was told to expect back next week.

They were it appears returned late to the surgery yesterday and a GP had to ring me which he did early this morning.

As a result it confirmed that I was not ok and they’re sending me extra medication. I have to double the lot I take now by slowly introducing in the next week and I’ll be retested in 3 months. If it doesn’t work then it’s injections. Something I really wasn’t expecting.

I don’t want that in my life. I struggle just to do my prick tests so that thought bothers me huge time. So fingers crossed I don’t end up there.

Apparently my reads are worse than when I was initially diagnosed so I have to make huge lifestyle changes.

Covid impact? Yes . Life has been harder during this year and I guess lack of my lifestyle activities has had a huge impact. On top of that the depression I feel about lack of people contact.

I’m not alone I know. So maybe we should set up a friends group for people who struggle?

Anyhow think on that. Back to work I go. Saturday sale!!! Don’t forget.,


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8 thoughts on “By The pool

  1. Glad it all got sorted out, it’s pretty scary knowing you aren’t feeling well and doctors and medical folks aren’t listening so glad its all on the right track for you Isa. We know you’re not really in your undies but just so you know I wish I could hang out in rl in my room working from home in my mine! LOL! There’s a pretty full house here since my grandparents moved in during the pandemic yet it’s a comfort at the same time. hugz stay well


    1. Thanks you. Hmm you need undies that are grandparent acceptable!!! Lol
      Not sure where you’d find those.
      I know it can get full on when everyone’s around. But, it must also be lovely at dinner times. 😊


      1. Yup, good old granny panties needed LOL it’s like gran Central Station in my room sometimes, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. When I need some alone time I had outdoors in our wooded back yard. luv ya my friend & hoping things are are better with your health. hugzzz


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