The Corona B Virus!

Some days we just have to take life less seriously!

I mean come on, people buying tons of dunny roll because of the Corona Virus.

I’ve been shaking my head for over a week now trying to understand this madness.

Can anyone please explain the significance of toilet roll? Please?

I understand the whole hand sanitiser thing. That actually makes sense. But bog roll?

Me personally it’s a good reason to stock up on Corona beer. Lets face it that, I could understand. Get it while it exists before it decides to rebrand itself.

In the meantime there is a serious side to this thing sweeping across the world. That it’s hurting people.

So despite all the memes and jokes we all make, it’s tragic for the people who have passed and frightening for those who come into contact.

All I can say is don’t go crazy. There is no need to wipe your bottom more than is needed.

Seriously, no need.

The way the media around the world is reporting they’re not helping with scaring people. Bad reporting makes money and confuses people . People are confused what to believe and what to do.

In the meantime let Thelma take you on a virtual Virus epidemic. Let’s just relax and enjoy the world.



Ayumi dress from {WitchCraft} at theDesigner Showcase

Music Lover eyes from A R T E  at the Liaison Collaborative

Music Lover  face tattoo  from A R T E  at the Liaison Collaborative

Halo hair from Tableau Vivant

Simone head from Lelutka

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Natural lipgloss from A R T E 

Isabelle skine in tone 5 from Amara Beauty

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