Dancing in the fields

Today has been a simply gorgeous day. Gorgeous!! I could have danced in the fields.

I allowed myself to step into the outside world and went for an hour long walk. That was 4 hours ago. Now I’m absolutely shattered. As in I need a sleep. Seriously I can barely keep my eyes open.

I have to say every man and his dog was out there. You would be forgiven to think the pandemic never existed. Honestly I had to jump out the way of the groups walking around.

Then there are the runners! Those sweaters, you know them. They run past and flick their sweat as they pant like the running dead going past. Those people!!

Honestly there was a sweat event at the lakes today. Again groups of them. Giving you mega sweat instead of lonely sweat. That’s more than any non sweater wants to receive.

Why do I ramble about sweat? Because Covid travelling unconsciously. That’s simple.


Fanxy dress from Palette at the ACCESS Event

Gabriella hair from Kuni at the ACCESS Event

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Secret garden backdrop from K&S at the ACCESS Event

Suzy lipstick from ARTE

Eline skin from AMARA

Reflectice eyes from Amara

Lara mesh body Maitreya

4 thoughts on “Dancing in the fields

  1. While reading your post I was like “Is that gurl stoopid or what?” but then you saved it with “Covid travelling unconsciously.” So you’re not one of those covidiots then. 😉



    1. No I’m not one of those. I rarely am able to get outside and where I live is gorgeous . Yesterday was such a beautiful day and I needed it . But walking the lake was incredibly stressful as the crowds of groups of people. I think in future I’ll stick to doing this early morning maybe. It absolutely did me good but last night I couldn’t even pretend to stay awake!
      I need to get out more as I’m going bat shit crazy. At the same time supposed to shield.
      I think you know I’m far from a covidiot. They’re a breed of simply idiot. 🤪


      1. “They’re a breed of simply idiot. 🤪”

        Oh yes, they are. Selfish, short-term thinking, they manage to draw this lockdown situation out into eternity. If we all had shown iron will and discipline and stayed at home for just 4 weeks, the planet could be Covid-free since, say, June 2020. The Chinese showed us how it’s done.

        And walking by the lake … I guess it’s the least dangerous thing anyone can do these days. As long as you keep social distance it’s wonderful. I did the same by walking along the beach. But it was far far faaar outside of town and suburbia in the real wilderness. In civilized areas the beaches were closed. Because it’s not lonely walkabouters going there but the party crowds and mega spreaders.

        Going out more? Hubby hasn’t left the house since late March of 2020 and is still happy as a clam. Ok, he has me and is never alone … and he knows how to keep himself busy all the time. I could be gone for 3 weeks before he notices something is different in and around the house. But only because his food resources are drying up. 😮


      2. Lol bless him. He has you. I have a balcony so that’s it. Surrounded by a lake and thought to myself just do it. Stress of it was too real. I don’t even go food shopping anymore as people are just behaving the way they want. But my health also needs me to get excercise and fresh air. Honestly I was like exhausted last night. So it did me good. But yeah weekends forget it .
        I’ll try early morning and see if that’s better


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