Let’s discuss

The elephant in the room.

There isn’t one really but made you look. I’m pretty speechless today. Never mind the news we are in a further total lockdown.

I agree it’s needed. There are frankly people out there who behave like stupid and don’t care.

But hey who am I to judge?

I’ll put this here. I woke up today with a throat that is like razors and I can barely swallow.

Is it because I spent the night snoring and hurt my throat or have I picked up something?

I’ll let you know later today.

But if I’ve picked up anything. How? I don’t go anywhere. I have been in lockdown many months and haven’t had a social bubble at all.

I’ll leave this here, the housemate. Who doesn’t follow the guidelines. This is as simple as that.

Please don’t assume I have Covid because I’m not saying that. However what I am saying is every single person has the responsibility to think about those around them.

Start thinking. Because basically I shouldn’t be catching anything at the moment. Even a common cold which I’m assuming this frankly is.


Dani Outfit from Saschas Designs

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Oribe Hair from DOUX

Bad chick lipstick and eyeshadow from IDTTY

Eline skin from AMARA

Reflectice eyes from Amara

Lara mesh body Maitreya

6 thoughts on “Let’s discuss

  1. “But hey who am I to judge?”
    What you are is a survivor with good judgement and an action plan, and the will to sacrifice a little bit of fun in order for herself and her family to survive. So you can judge anyone who’s not living up to the most basic requirements.
    Judge away! 🙂

    “I shouldn’t be catching anything at the moment. Even a common cold which I’m assuming this frankly is.”
    Shows how easy it is to catch an infection … any infection. Technically the common cold is the same as Covid, both airborne virae. That’s why we’re wearing our masks. You’re doing very well.

    Hun, I have the sniffles myself … since weeks already. Because I shower a lot and always drive with wet hair and the windows cranked down. 😮 Another natural way to catch a cold.


    1. Stop driving in the cold with wet hair!!!
      I need to log off work as feel I want to go bed and stay there. Got so many responsibilities and realise you can’t be allowed to feel unwell when you are either. Honestly I just want an island out to sea.


      1. “Stop driving in the cold with wet hair!!!”
        But I don’t. I drive in the heat with wet hair. 😉 January in the southern hemisphere is like July in the North. And since I’m totally against any AC in my cars, and the old van wouldn’t have such bullshit anyway, I rather hang my head outta the window like a gud boiii… ^o^


      2. Ohhh whereabouts in the world? I always assumed Europe hence I thought was cold for you too. Doh me🤦‍♀️
        It’s damn freezing here. As I get ready to sleep it’s currently 3 Celsius!!


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