A little opening up

This morning is a slow start. It’s Sunday and it’s allowed to be. Why do I feel guilty when I choose to have a lazy one?

My housemate is out jogging her usual 10k run in her very obsessive way and I note because of that I feel a sense of guilt at my own Sunday laziness.

There are a few things I’m noticing about her that do concern me. One being the extreme fitness obsession. I don’t mean that lightly either, the girl is obsessed.

So obsessed that every single day is spent climbing, running, doing jujitsu, biking and yoga. Anyone who doesn’t do the same she has a negative view on. In fact anyone who has a extra pound on their skeleton is fat according to her observation.

I’m also noticing other traits that concern me. The level of self love being based solely on how she looks and equating that to her attitude about others. Which has a direct impact on me. It’s impacting me and how I feel about myself. Especially as I’m in a time of life that many women go through of body change etc.

This is my home and yet I’m feeling uncomfortable within it. Because the dynamic of this person and her views are very contrary to mine.

She refers to disabled people as “retarded”, gay and trans people as “needing counselling”.

I have tried for months to be like the mother figure and impart my ways of teaching her a different set of views but let’s face it. It’s not going to happen, the girl is lacking in many areas.

Oh and if you are overweight, and I mean even slightly you are plainly and simply a fat person who has no control.

Oh and if I laugh out loud reading something I hear “Calm down”. What is that about?

This girl is Slovakian. Is that a cultural set of attitudes or one related to a person? Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.

I’m considering the ending of the living arrangement in the new year. After all it is my home and if I’m feeling that I don’t like the aura of a person then frankly I’d rather struggle with my bills than feel this.


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7 thoughts on “A little opening up

  1. “My housemate is out jogging her usual 10k run in her very obsessive way”
    Gotta be obsessive, else you won’t get to that level.

    “The level of self love being based solely on how she looks”
    It’s important and can attribute a great part to ones behaviour. Sporty people are often like that, overly ambitious and selfish.

    “and equating that to her attitude about others.”
    Mhm, that’s right and natural. It’s like I think about those poor idiots who are stil on Windows. Your housemate is factually a better human being coz she’s self-disciplined and fit and I am a superior being coz I’m on Linux. And ride motorcycles and drive the coolest cars. Simple as that.

    And you’re better than her and me combined since you got a social filter and are the backbone of your family, something we obsessed commie girls can’t and won’t ever achieve. I’m a miserable daughter, just ask my stupid fuked up parents … ugh, mother.

    “Is that a cultural set of attitudes or one related to a person?”
    Depends, I’d say. If she was brought up during communism she surely has this drill still in her. You can take a girl out of Slovakia but you can’t take Slovakia out of the girl.


  2. I hate to say it, but I think you need to tell her that this arrangement isn’t working out, and she’ll have to find somewhere else to live. It’s your home, and you should absolutely feel comfortable within it.


    1. Yeah I know. But as someone pointed out to me during Covid this is not so simple . So I figure the most obvious thing is for me to suck it up and just blast in with my thoughts about how I see life and how contrary they are to mine. ie lose the opinion in my home and keep them away from me and mine. I can’t change her but I guess if I’m to be fair I need to explain why they’re offensive to me and others. But for me. Under my roof, it’s not ok. I’ve made decision I can’t do it this arise if Xmas due to the whole Covid situation because she has no family here. So I have to speak up and present some thoughts and represent the house rules again.
      I generally keep this kind of thing away from my blog but I saw a switch this morning and thought to myself. Hang on Liz, your blog doesn’t have to all ways be about light and airy . It can be a way of getting things out there so my person can let it out. So I did.
      Thanks for reading my little vent of my inner 😊


  3. Weather allowing, I run every morning but I’m not obsessed in any way but I am a bit of a spaz lol I can’t sit still. It makes me feel better and less of a spaz LOL!
    Wow, I can understand why you feel uncomfortable, have you mentioned “retarded” is inappropriate? I’m sure you have. My dad’s side of the family is originally from Latvia which isn’t too far off from Slovakia. I can say from my experience with the older folks from there, they come off a bit cold & say whats on their mind (and not as sensitive as most people I’d say) I know there might be a language barrier thrown in the mix too that might account for the language & attitude. My grams & gramps aren’t like that being born here in the US they’re very warm, loving, sweet, sensitive people. Let’s face it Isa, not everyone can live together in close quarters and we all want to have a peaceful existence specially during these times. What’s that saying? “You never really know a person till you live with them”… might be some truth to that saying. Maybe it’s time for a little talk and gather up some empty cartons from the grocery store… hint hint. 😉 I don’t know how you’ve been able to tolerate it this long, I’m sure she’s a lovely person otherwise but it may be time for her to see a realtor for her own flat.
    Hugzz luv ya my friend
    PS: I have a neighbors that’s of Greek background when her family from Greece visited a few summers ago, my family hosted a huge cookout for the neighborhood the aunt from Greece spoke about my neighbor which took me aback.. she said “in Greece when we see someone overweight we say they’re selfish they want their food more then a nice body” I’m sure some of this attitude is related to always being in a bathing suit by the Mediterranean/Aegean Seas too, so I felt although it was harsh and uncalled for, perhaps it’s her way from her environment. Maybe? Good Luck keep us posted


    1. Yes I have considered the cultural thing greatly. But you know what, in 2020 for someone who has lived in the U.K. now 10 years, it’s actually hard for me to believe being better hasn’t rubbed off a little.
      I’m preparing myself for a talk. It’s me writing down all the positive as well as the negative things so when I do I can be less emotive and more logical. I’d like to say I could help teach a newer perspective but I guess also I’m not her mother and I’ve got my own to think of. But I think I at least owe the conversation and explaining why those things are not ok. Not under my roof at the very least


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