Losing thy schizzle

I’m sure a lot of you know what this is like right now.

Today is one of those days I’d love to spend lazing in bed, watching films and catching up with people on my laptop and phone. Just like this picture depicts.

It’s raining and dreary. The perfect backdrop to the whole lazing in bed scenario, but alas I work. work I must.

However tomorrow I’ve taken two days off and so have given myself a 4 day weekend.

I’m actually secretly wishing for days of rain as I quite fancy this indulgent lazy. Although in my living room.

Fact is even when I take days off I’m not getting a break any longer. My housemate works in the living room and I can’t watch my tv, play music or actually do anything at all.

I’m hating lockdown because of this.

My dining room table is completely full of work equipment and my living space doesn’t feel like my sanctuary anymore.

Stress is rising each day and I cannot escape it any more because it surrounds me.

On top of that, we are expected to work at the very same level and accuracy etc pre lockdown. Never mind all the added stressors affecting everyone.

So take a break? It’s not feeling like a break anymore. But to not log a machine I guess will have to do.

I admit, soon I’m likely to really lose my schizzle. I’m angsty as missing my family who can’t socially bubble with me, because of someone from WORK and Ive been basically left I think going crazy in my head.

Hence you will understand the Beverley Video of No F##ks.


Just a girl Shirt and Panties set (with hud) from Entice at the Cosmopolitan Event

Reflectice eyes  from Amara Beauty

Charlotte hair from Analog Dog

Gloss Lipstick from A R T E

Glam on eyeshadow from A R T E

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Edie skin in tone 5 from  Amara Beauty

6 thoughts on “Losing thy schizzle

    1. Thank you. I’m just really struggling. I’ve got too much alone time but with another.
      I seriously am struggling with now not seeing kids for longer because of this other person.
      She basically has flouted the guidelines and socially mixed a number of times. So I can’t now see my grandson for a further period of time because of this.
      He has a heart condition so I can’t take the risk for him.
      Meditation, I am trying it. But my mind I can’t seem to let it relax.
      I’m thinking a good scream could work!!
      You know, one of those loud ones that the entire neighbourhood hears.
      Sadly I’m living with someone who is kinda driving me batty so that is part of the issue lol
      Thank you 😊

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      1. Sounds like attachment problems to me. Typical women problem. You must learnn that you’re a 100% person, all by yourself, all by your awesome lonesome. Family is not what defines you as a human being.

        You need the feeling of being needed?
        Come on now, thank! What, why? Everybody will be okay. With or without you around. This pandemic is the prefect excuse for being a bit self-indulgent and selfish! Rent a Harley or RV, drive to the Grand Canyon, spend some nights in the desert, stare at the stars, gain perspective.

        One of my fave vandwellers on YouTube recently said something like “I always travel alone because I want to enjoy the journey.”
        And that is the best way to live. Independent. Not necessarily introvert, but self-sufficient and as glad to be alone as happy when with friends n family n stuff.

        The other personin your space? Well, fuk her/him. At least let them know you have the same right to use the space as them! You’re not in a prison or sumfink are you?

        This pandemic will change our lives, in one way or another. We all will come out changed at the other end. Better, wiser, more relaxed, not as pity as before. For some people it’s a crisis, for sane people it’s a chance.

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      2. Lol if only I could drive!!! Or was in America to go to the Grand Canyon. That would be awesome.
        No I just miss them and miss my solo space. Mostly my grandson whose little awesomeness is why I chose to not move back to Oz.
        I’m fairly busy rest of the time but seriously want our lives back on track. No adventures can be had in lockdown aside from mind ones
        Lol believe me I go on plenty of those 😂😂

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  1. I’ve ventured out of the house briefly a few times over the past week, since apparently I’m allowed to go for daily walks now. And that has helped a LOT, both mentally and physically, although it unnerves me how many folks seeming to be ignoring social distancing out there. Still getting food and medicine delivered, though, and I’m not even thinking of venturing into town because it’s just not worth the risk, or the hassle either.

    I haven’t seen my sister in person in ages. She’s doing a few days teaching at the primary school where she works, but is mostly trying to help the kids in her class (and their parents) with homeschooling. She did visit a few weeks back, but only out in the garden and at a distance from us. She misses us too, but doesn’t want to risk my health or my mum’s.

    So I’m mostly listening to music and focussing on journalling, doing my radio shows and making adverts for Gorean Whip Radio, and generally Keeping My Shit Together. Still avoiding the news, becuase it either makes me facepalm or makes my blood pressure rocket.

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    1. Oh yeah I do other things . I work do have that. Pop outside most days. Then read, watch film and of course my SL time .
      I’m just missing people. Big time missing people . It’s not the end of the world missing but just have those days that it gets overwhelming


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