Am I being Enticed?

Had a little play in words. Did you see it, did you, did you?

The day was glorious here and if I could be at a beach I would have been. Sadly though it’s a work day for everyone and well no to that idea. A train is too much of a trek as it would be a few changes and I’m really not interested in group situations right now. So I stayed home and raffled around. Yesterday cleaned my patio windows which are gleaming and today the cooker.

I am living the dream! Ha ha

However these things are needed to be done so may as well get them done.


So good bodysuit from Entice at the Cosmopolitan Event

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

ER0305 hair from Wings

Wild card 6 lipstick from IDTTY

Wild card 1 eyeshadow from IDTTY

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Venice Beach boho necklace from Maxi Gassamer

Image courtesy using Flickr

Photo taken at Timeless Memories

Surfboard set poses from Whats Next

Another picture

2 thoughts on “Am I being Enticed?

  1. “A train is too much of a trek as it would be a few changes and I’m really not interested in group situations ”

    There is only, one, no two, ways to get to the beach in style: Small little convertible from the 60s or a little van from the 60s, which is even better since you can throw all our surfboards and beach balls and air matresses and sleeping bags and cooler boxes for the drinkies and steaks in. But whatever, in both vehicles you gotta play Fleetwod Mac’s ‘Rumours’ on full blast, coz only that fine 1977 album will fit the slightly melancholic, dreamy mood. No exceptions! 😐

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    1. Lol definitely Rumours I agree!!!
      Sadly beaches here aren’t as enticing to be honest. Those are more on the west of the country. My friend moved to Cornwall and it looks gorgeous from her photos. Definitely what I call beaches lots of sand and surf 🏄‍♂️


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