Live with Beverley

What a lovely day we have had here in the U.K. well in Kent anyhow.

I spent this afternoon with a work colleague walking around the lake where I live. To be fair she walked slower than a snail for me and I appreciated it. With regular sit downs it was so lovely to get out and about. The sun shine was glorious and her company even better.

I won’t lie though the after effect is a tad painful but at the same time feels good. It had been 19 months since I had seen her lovely face and we definitely will be doing this more often on a weekend.

Now I look different in virtual today as I’m in my ASMR character Beverley. She had a head transplant and she has a lelutka head now.

Sadly I retired her Genus head because she had wandering eyes that just drive me insane. Plus I like the facial structure on this head.

The outfit is Entice Saturday sales.

Today Beverley will do her first ever live ASMR stream!!!!

Now this is different because as you clearly know if you don’t I’m saying, I voice all my virtual characters. The only one which is harder is Aunty VaGina. All the others are me sitting here like a lunatic trying not to laugh and vocalising,

Stream starts 11pm U.K. time. 3pm SL time

God help you all.



Moon glow outfit from Entice for the Saturday Sale

Just fine collar from Entice for the We Love Roleplay

Liz Fair skin from Amara

Nova head from Lelutka

Suffer Well hair from Magika

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

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