Look how sassy I am!

The blog isn’t really about how sassy I am, but look anyhow. Quite a cool outfit I have to say.

Well last night I did my first live stream in character, Beverley. It had a few glitches of adjusting sound that I have learnt from it so will attempt at another time again.

ASMR is not for everyone but if you understand the character by now you will understand she is a parody and is intentionally there to wind up your ears and irritate you to the core. After all she is a vegan who eats beef Tuesdays and lamb Saturdays.

Two friends watched and one of those Rosie hates ASMR sounds with a passion. Chewing to her is like blood in the ears and I’m appreciative of her support none the less.

It’s true that friends who support and critique are the ones you need to challenge you and fix things. I’m not about numbers, never have been. I’m just about learning and making quality footage that I can be proud of one day when I’m in my rocking chair sipping cocoa and remembering all the things I did in my life.

My aim is to ultimately get all my characters into live streams and become there in the moment, but at the same time, attempting to keep the quality of the video. Easier said than done. I think next will be Harriet.

It’s fun to try and to see how long I can do it without bursting out laughing which is normally what I do when recording them.

In the meantime back to this outfit. I love it!!!



Deconstructed outfit from Majesty at the ACCESS Event

Guapas bag from [DDL] at the ACCESS Event

Jackie Skin from Amara at the ACCESS Event

Aphrodite pose from K&S at the ACCESS Event

Avalon EvoX head from Lelutka

The Lisa hair from .Olive. at the ACCESS Event

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Shot on location at Deer River

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