You can’t make it up

So on Thursday I received my phone contract refresh of a new Iphone. No extra cost to me, just part of my contract refresh program. I also get an added discount due to work negotiated rewards programme. So double quids in!

My iphone 11 is only a year old if that and in excellent condition and I thought ok I will advertise it for sale and gain some cash back for it. Simples!!

Oh my god!!! Avoid advertising via the Facebook selling page your mobile phone!!

Out come all the dodgy people who hope to gain your phones. I had within 15 minutes over 40 questions if I would post overseas and accept pay pal, cheque (who uses them these days) or direct bank transfers and what was my bank details to do so. OR if I would accept £100 less for immediate sale!

Dodgy and I will tell you why. Because the advert was clear. No overseas and only doorstep collection. Cash only! Oh and to Pakistan at least 20 of them? Hello? Advert is set as a local only. Red flags as a seller.

No price negotiation. I’m not sure what part of an advert people actually read? I think I’m pretty right in saying no part. The words “used mobile phone” is the key.

Absolutely no one within the U.K. yet it was clearly marked for local sale only.

One has come forward apparently living locally and actually has friends on his Facebook profile that interact all over it. A good history of being who his profile is going back to 2009. He will be coming today to check it out and buy it. No price changes etc and understands I won’t accept less.

You see, if you are selling anything to anyone via Facebook, specifically technology that you would use to hold information at any stage, always do your background check. Check their profiles.

If you can’t find a good solid history and the profile just started recently then you can be confident they’re no good. (Many of those who contacted me had no backgrounds that went further back than September 5). Especially if they don’t have friends interactions anywhere. Likes etc,

Same reasons I don’t add dodgy people to Isabelle Facebook these days. I check them out and if there are no interactions and sharing of mutual SL adventures they are not welcome. Especially if a week later you check their profiles and they’ve suddenly added 20 of your friends that don’t know them either!

You have to be wary and careful. Facebook is the prime way to jump into your real life and gain access to information that could be used to scam you. Your Mobile phone even more. Be careful.



Madeline set from -[ vagrant ]- at the ACCESS Event

Jackie Skin from Amara at the ACCESS Event

Zero backdrop from zeroichi at the ACCESS Event

Plaster on nose from RichB at the ACCESS Event

Aphrodite pose from K&S at the ACCESS Event

Avalon EvoX head from Lelutka

Victoria hair from DOUX

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

2 thoughts on “You can’t make it up

  1. Yikes! When I’ve sold off old tech in the past it has either been direct to a recycling firm or through eBay, which isn’t perfect but at least has protections in place for both buyers and sellers. I can only imagine that whatever rules Facebook has instituted for their platform are the bare minimum they needed to keep regulators off their back (for now). The crooks probably consider the shutdown of their fake profiles a minor cost.

    I’m now on a SIM-only contract, and will hold onto my old iPhone SE for as long as it’ll keep working. Less cost in the long run, plus I still have a phone that actually fits in both my hand and a pocket! XD

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    1. I was sim only then changed as I had a incentive through work and so it’s great. I do a lot of my stuff on the phone which means only time I sit at the pc is making a video, editing and uploading pic to Flickr. Rest is via my phone.
      Guy is coming shortly to buy it. Honestly I cannot believe the scammers on Facebook. Such a nightmare.


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