Getting my Cherry to Boom

As you will be aware Cherry Boom Boom has come into Second Life and are working with Paragon Dance Animations to produce some of their finest moves.


Dance Credits:

Cherry Boom Boom dance collection from Paragon Dance Animations at the EQUAL10 Event

Product Description

The Cherry Boom Boom Dance Choreography Collection is a glimpse of the various dance numbers used in their show. Performance captured by dance team captain Sarah Johnstonn.


About Cherry Boom Boom

A Modern-Day Rock-N-Roll Burlesque Show featuring A list dancers in Hollywood + Las Vegas created by Lindsley Allen, founding member/associate choreographer of the Pussycat Dolls.


Clothes Credits:-

Starlight lingerie by MUSE at the EQUAL10 Event

Rocket boots from MIWAS

Kinky makeup from Velour

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Kiara hair from DOUX

Eline skin from AMARA

Reflectice eyes from Amara

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Gloomy Ruins Backdrop from Bearded Guy

Dance Pack Contents

1 solo dance, 1 solo dance (w/ pom poms & HUD), 1 chair dance (w/ 5 poses), 4 barre dances (w/ 5 poses)

Paragon_CherryBoomBoom – Salute Finale Dance

Cherry Boom Boom Pom Pom Dance HUD
PomPom Dancer – (L) – Paragon & [Chris Two Designs]
PomPom Dancer – (R) – Paragon & [Chris Two Designs]

Paragon_Cherry Boom Boom – Chair Dance
Paragon_Cherry Boom Boom – Chair Dance (WEARABLE)
Paragon_Cherry Boom Boom Chair Dance Exclusive
Paragon_Cherry Boom Boom Chair Texture HUD
Paragon_CherryBoomBoom Chair HUD Animations

Paragon_Cherry Boom Boom – Barre Dance
Paragon_Cherry Boom Boom MonkeyBar Texture HUD

Paragon Dance Animations Social Media

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