Ready for the town

The fact that it’s two weeks to Christmas hasn’t escaped me.

The fact that I have absolutely no plans at all, certainly hasn’t escaped me.

I’m actually in a quandary about this years festive season and that basically there’s no Christmas meal with my friends from work in the run up to Christmas or my friends outside of work.

There’s also the possibility that if we stay in Tier 3 will we be allowed to mix to any extent? Boris, leaves me wondering often. For me at the moment I have absolutely no social bubble. That has I’ll be honest been the case basically since lockdown started in April this year. Apart from one of two catch ups.

I haven’t seen my children since just before the U.K. 1 month lockdown started. Approx just over 6 weeks and I’ve seen a friend to say goodbye before she moved across the country two weeks ago. Oh hang on, my daughter for 1 hour as we had a socially distanced walk around the lakes one lunchtime.

I don’t have a social bubble because the rules are in a house share situation that there can only be one bubble for the shared housemates. As I’ve mentioned before the other person here has been a bubble already.

So to do the right thing means I don’t because at the end of the day, if anything did happen to me that’s one thing. The thought I could potentially inadvertently pass anything to my grandson who has a heart condition, would break my heart. Let alone my children.

It is a strong thing this parent instinct how you would literally sacrifice anything for the protection of your children. I never understood it before I became a mother.

The truth is I happily forfeit parties and indulging my own so that things can get better. However, in pixel planet (my fond name for Second Life) I can get dressed up, hop in a car and go out for the day.

All details below.

Credits :-

Adriana dress from LB at the Designer Showcase

Cats wing glasses from Haysuriza at the Designer Showcase

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Poetry Hair from Truth

Eline skin from AMARA

Reflectice eyes from Amara

Suzy Lipstick (for Catwa HDPRO) from A R T E at the eBento

Glam on eyeshadow from A R T E

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Dont take my TBird away from Nantra

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