How does your garden Grow

How does your garden grow? Well I am guessing at the moment rather well given many people are at home and finding things to do.

How are your bushes?

I personally live in an apartment with a lake view and a balcony so mine is rather spiffing.

My garden is preferably inside and my apartment has a jungle feel with 3 trees in the living room. I have always had a thing about inside plants wherever I have lived. On a big scale I might add.

They help to make me feel calm and more in a peaceful mindset.

But if I had a garden I would consider this idea just as it appears in the picture.

Of course the reality of would look way better than my attempts at décor pictures.

Even in world it looked way better than my picture attempt. Still in Beverley’s video below you do actually get to see the lovely MLaw hanging chair and Raindales Gachas and can appreciate it a little more.



Lisa Hanging chair by M Law Designs

Springsong Gacha from Raindale at theBloom 2020

9 commons and 1 rare which is the studio build

Commons are the bar, stools, table, chairs, parasol, Jar with Flowers

Beaumon teepee fromRaindale

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