A little house called Gracewoods

I thought today I would be less controversial. I'll save that for tomorrow. I wanted to show you this really cute little Gacha from Raindale. It's a diddly little tea house with furniture and as soon as I get my land on Friday, this is going in the forest. Video:- https://youtu.be/RlgmLgUwmuQ Credits:- Gracewoods Gacha from [...]

The cottage by the sea

I quite like the idea of a cottage by the sea. Right now I'm sitting here on my balcony enjoying this glorious sunset descending down around me, watching the geese flap around. Choosing to enjoy this moment rather than sit in my apartment staring at a large computer screen. Glass of Pimms in hand and [...]

The Bakery

Firstly thank you to all the folk who watched Coffee with Isa yesterday and reached out. And now for something light hearted and SL So the Builders Box is producing some gorgeous virtual homes for us. I have to say I’m always truly amazed at what can be created in the virtual world. Today I [...]

Décor Jazz

Décor Jazz

Yesterday I arrived home from work basically in tears. Office bullies are my greatest despise. They come in all shapes and guises and you least expect it when it happens to you. I didn't expect to overhear the discussions whispered at high volume or notice the interrogation of my work by someone who is famously [...]

The Avenden

So I am really chuffed to show you the Avenden cottage from Raindale which is in this months Builders box.For anyone that doesn't know, the Builders box comes out quarterly and contains houses and skyboxes from various merchants. Totally well worth it!Video below to show you the Avenden.Video:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd7nc1aoT5M&feature=youtu.beCredits:-The Avenden from Raindale in the Builders Box