Coffee at Baja Norte #Be Kind on social media

I have decided to bring forward my Coffee with Isa from a Monday to a Sunday.

With no blog on a Monday morning at all.

I am just switching it around for the heck of it. I plan to do more Sansar videos and will relegate them to Mondays and people can choose to watch or not depending on their interest.

In todays Coffee I am touching on something that troubles me of late and that is the behaviour of people on Social media, particularly in the virtual community. It seems to be getting worse and not better and so I am running a poll on this which the link will be at the start of the video to gain insight into how people are feeling about it.

Its a simple yes or no answer and no indication of who you are at all. I felt I would rather do it that way than put anyone in the position of a comment which may bring them any detriment in any way, shape or form.



Andrea outfit from Osmia at the EQUAL10 Event

Hera  hair from Kuni at the EQUAL10 Event

Gem eyes  from Amara Beauty

Tropical eyeshadow from A R T E

Sweet gloss lipstick from A R T E

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Shot on location at Baja Norte

6 thoughts on “Coffee at Baja Norte #Be Kind on social media

  1. I don’t mind commenting on this subject! I do see bullying on social media, although thankfully, not so much of it in our SL community as there is in RL. It depends on the platform. Reddit is particularly taxing at times, Facebook not so much and Twitter, practically non-existent (in my circles, although I’ve seen examples of awful trolling and bullying of celebs). Everybody says not to engage with people who are negative to others on social media, but I feel if I don’t, eventually it will just be the domain of the trolls and idiots, so yes, I take it upon myself to point it out when I see it. I’m particularly anti-bullying in any environment and will always stick my beak in.

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    1. Thanks for answering. Sadly I’m having the opposite to your experience as I’m seeing it every single day now. More so than my RL. Which is why it sparked in me a bit this topic.
      There are definitely various forms of bullying but recently I experienced one lovely guy I know feeling he had to leave a group because of the behaviour of SL folk when asking a question about his avatar and seeking some help. It was all trolls out keyboard warrior acting of this guy who frankly they didn’t know but thought it must be ok to mock.
      It turned out it wasn’t and this person felt forced to disengage in the community and just talk to me now.
      I find that sad. That someone’s experience has been like that.
      I see it every single day.
      My Facebook feed a year ago never had this on it to the extent I’m seeing now.
      I detest bullies 100%.
      Many of them are mature supposed adults and that’s the bit I find difficult.


      1. Oh that’s awful. I think bad behaviour needs pointing out online. If I’d seen it I’d have stuck up for him. What’s that saying… All it takes for evil to flourish is good people to do nothing.

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      2. Oh I wasn’t saying you should have done something. We can’t be expected to literally police the Internet. I know a lot goes on even in our circle that I’m not aware of, but I’ve heard of, like this.

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