Ittty bitty isn’t it

Need I say more! Itty bitty ha ha Clearly a non You Tube moment because well... It's Saturday and man I'm glad it is. This week has been the week from hell and beyond. The usual clique culture that makes you question why people behave in this gang type of culture. I came into work [...]


Good morning So I’m sat here on my bus headed to work and after yesterday’s troller drama, You Tube have taken down that strike that some silly person attempted to make against my account. It does go to show we need to stick up for ourselves. Don’t be intimidated by individual or group troublemakers that [...]

Décor Jazz

Décor Jazz

Yesterday I arrived home from work basically in tears. Office bullies are my greatest despise. They come in all shapes and guises and you least expect it when it happens to you. I didn't expect to overhear the discussions whispered at high volume or notice the interrogation of my work by someone who is famously [...]