Entice me off the couch

Good morning Saturday. My tea is nearly done and the banana on raisin toast all consumed.

I’m just waiting for the injection of energy to start the day.

But it’s not coming. I am in a very laid back lazy frame of mind at the moment. Happy to laze here with my feet up and a good film on the screen.

However today is not the day for that as I have a little person coming in a few hours for the afternoon and I better get my energy prepared because he will certainly keep me on my toes.

I’m listening to BBC news. ( may as well given I have to pay the licence fee) and politicians talking utter baldedash.

It’s enough to make a person hide back under the covers. Honestly they talk such utter BS lately. All of them.

You get more honesty and sense out of a ten year old child than you do out of a self deprecating politician.

I vote Bart Simpson as our new Leader.

The back view:-



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2 thoughts on “Entice me off the couch

  1. I’ve had to cut down my TV and radio news consumption, because watching politicians and pundits being ‘interviewed’ tends to make me despair for the world, as well as raise my blood pressure. And you’re right, children are more clued up about what the real issues are than most of the supposed adults.

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