Hormonal bitch here

By the time this is published I’ll be fast asleep in my bed dreaming of sunshine and life. That is my plan. If I achieve it brilliant.

So, I started on HRT 28 days ago and started to feel the benefits. Two days ago I ran out and I’m unlikely to get to the pharmacy for days to pick it up.

Already I can feel the heat and my hormones slowly ebbing again. Already this evening the tears are building.

Seriously is this how it will be the rest of time now? HRT or burn? The thing is the one element of my treatment the Oestrogen called Sandrena is the issue. It’s in limited supply in the U.K. which is a problem because if they can’t fill a prescription then it’s hormone yo yo till they do. What’s the point!

Honestly being a woman is an experience unlike any. Our bodies are like prisons at times and there is often little we can do to escape. Right now I’m in prison to my hormones and I’m going to have a cry before bed.

My next life. I am YOUR cat Bella!!!! Remember that. I’ll need all the tuna.


Mara outfit from Black Angel Store at the Designer Showcase

Daphne skin from  AMARA

Panny hair from Truth

Ora head from Lelutka

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Skateboard room backdrop from VOZ

Skateboard pose from Ever Glow This is an old one so I dont know if they still sell it

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