Lets check it out

Thank goodness it’s Friday. This week has been tough to my soul a bit. After the wonderful wedding weekend last one, my head has been a ball of mush and I just need a few days to rejig the brain.

I’m watching Dahmer right now, just about to see the very last episode. Frankly all those people who lived the experience, I’m amazed they could go on.

I’ll be honest, I’d have completely lost it by now having been near anything like that. It baffles me there have been and no doubt still are people like Dahmer in this world.

Makes me wonder about why the old creator thought that was something to throw into the mix!!!

Back to better things. I went to take a picture of this outfit and ended up as usual making a video.

So today you get Entice and a Video all in one post. Enjoy.




Closer dress from Entice

Ornella jewellery from Orsini

Bloodline hair from DOUX

Valerie Skin in honey from Skinnery

Ora head from Lelutka

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Sho on location at Pumpkins and things by Cica Ghost

2 thoughts on “Lets check it out

  1. I went to that Cica Ghost installation earlier in the month, her stuff always brightens my day. 🙂

    I’ve been decorating at my rental home in Nautilus for most of this week, making the most of the double land allowance I have over there. I did a performance over at Sci-Fi Expo last Sunday and helped raise money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and next Tuesday I’ll be doing a set at Second Pride Glitter & Gore, but other than those and my weekly show on Gorean Whip Radio, I’ve been mostly focussed on decluttering and selling off real-world stuff. On that note, I’ve had a pretty good run on eBay so far, though less so with WeBuyBooks who don’t seem to want the remaining unwanted books. So those will probably go to Oxfam along with a lot of clothing that I don’t wear anymore.

    The thing that has really cheered me up, and kept my mind off the news, has been going through my old cassette tape collection and transferring music to my library on the computer using a USB-equipped tape deck. Lots of dance & rave stuff from the late 80s and early 90s, when Our Price Records were still around — some tapes still have the original price stickers on them! 🙂

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    1. Sounds like you have had a nice busy time. I’m going to be putting loads clothes that I won’t wear on Vinted later. My daughter sells a lot on there and it sounds pretty simple. EBay and I dont work well. Seriously I end up underselling and owe fees every time. I’m that useless. I have lots of books and cds to go though as well . Shame I didn’t have a PA to advertise for me lol
      Not sure if to picture on hanger or take the time to show wearing items as often it gives people more of an idea how things are,
      I’ll see if my energy extends that far. 🤣🤣😂
      I love Cica Ghost work. Always quirky and interesting. I’m never not surprised when I visit each new one.


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