Off the grid a bit

I’ve been off the grid of social media for about 4 days and can I tell you it is a sheer joy and pleasure.

I think as humans we need to take regular breaks from social media. Definitely.

I’ve been at my sons wedding and it was truly magical. What a gorgeous day it was. My pride bursting. That’s all I’ve felt for days now. Proud of the man he has become.

I know it sounds daft but he has always been my boy. Yet on Friday when he married his sweetheart I lost the boy and saw a man stand before us.

A loving funny and kind and smart man. I had to let him go and it was with so much love that I witnessed his steps into his own life with the lovely lady he has been with since his teens.

I know I sound soppy but I cannot help it. I simply am a soppy person when people least expect it.

Anyhow outfit Deets below.


Aniron outfit from Entice at the Pink I Can for RFL

Lara, Petite, Kupra, Legacy, HG, Freya sizes
– 149L 100% Donation

Lean on me friendship bracelet from Entice at the Pink I Can

  • Unrigged (resize via included HUD*
    • 40 texture options
    • 75L 100% Donation

Valerie Skin in honey from Skinnery

Ora head from Lelutka

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Shot on location in my garden

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