The Thirst!!!

I’ve not kept my views quiet on the old salacious public court case. To be honest when do I really keep my views to myself? Rarely I can tell you.

I really hate how social media can rapidly affect a persons life based on “hearsay” by another person. Hearsay became this modern culture that’s been circling around alongside the damn cancel culture.

People never learn anything at all. Such a sense of entitlement pervades our society that everything you do or say, there’s a compensation for it!! Disgusting really.

What happened to Jonny shouldn’t have happened. Interesting how it was done, by using media and social media to push forward Ambers voice. Yet no police/criminal path? Yep all about the money.

I was a product from a very violent background. I know what it means to grow up in that and how messed up it can make you. How afraid you can be and how you can doubt your perception of what should or shouldn’t be “normal family life”. I’ll tell the story one day. It’s long and it’s very interesting because what I was, was a child of a psychologist. Now think about that! A seemingly wholesome virtuous family on the face of it.

But behind closed doors there was a whole different life going on. So yes I call BS to Amber because she just is a truly messed up individual and that’s not a product of Jonny. That’s a product of her messed up background. She needs to seek help with.

She sought cash but not justice? What does that tell you?

I don’t believe as a woman that all women have to be believed. I feel the same vice versa. Victims are more than just women. Men are victims and so are children. So let’s drop the ALL women must be believed and go with Innocent until proven guilty!!

I did a video, it’s under the credits.


Illy Glitter outfit from {Le’La} at the Designer Showcase

Pearls for Thera jewellery from Heartsdale Jewellery at the Designer Showcase

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Lethal Hair from Stealthic

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

My shape is a tweaked version of my Angelica Shape But obviously I tweaked it further for this version of me

Image courtesy using Flickr

Dying Aint Healthy pose from Shutter Up

Wait For Me backdrop from Bearded Guy


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