Shuffling to the Jubilee!!

Today is like a Friday for many Brits as we are celebrating the Queens Jubilee. We also get tomorrow and Friday as bank holidays for it. Hence like a Friday today.

70 years in service as a queen. Wow what a complete amazing length of service she has had.

Say what you like about the royals and their privileged lives, 70 years smiling and attending functions and being the spearhead of a family formally is a long haul.

Frankly if it were me I’d have stopped smiling years ago at the world. So I definitely give major kudos to that dear lady. Her kids have certainly been a trial in itself and let’s hope they don’t Mar her celebrations of her achievements.

I’ll be doing more painting for part of it but on Sunday I’m off to a garden party dressed in my finery!

In the meantime I’m going to be shuffling my way into celebrations.


Dance Credits:-

CiCi – Shuffle Dance Vol 2 Pack from Paragon Dance Animations now at the UBER Event

Product Description

In Volume 1, Shuffle Queen CiCi Stamper shares her social media famous style of shuffling/cutting shapes that combines pirouettes, heels floorwork and acrobatic tricks. There are many shuffle queens on social media, but none brings it to a new level like CiCi.

Volume 2, is a more club friendly focused on footwork without the floorwork and acrobatics.

Shuffle dance is a footwork dance developed in the UK during the late 1980s and early 90s in Melbourne Australia, which known as Melbourne Shuffle. It is originally danced to Hardstyle music when the genre popularity was at the peak in Melbourne.

Melbourne shuffle trend subsided mid-2009 and the dance moves later resurface into a new style of shuffling called “Cutting Shapes”. Nowadays the new shuffle dance moves work well with any electronic dance music from Electro House, House Music, Melbourne Bounce, even the Old School Eurodance and etc.

Originally performed to “Power” by Interupt. Tempo = 128.00 BPM

About Ciara Christine Stamper

Ciara Christine “CiCi” Stamper is a LA-based Shuffle Queen, professional dancer, and social media influencer with over 210k followers. She has an extensive dance background in ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz and acrobatics. She fell in love with a new style of dance called Shuffling/Cutting Shapes and since then combined technical dance training with the footwork of shuffling to create her own unique personalized style. Cici has traveled the world teaching and performing, sharing her passion for dance.

She currently performs for Matroda during his live sets.

Cici’s Social Media:


Hello Summer top and Shorts from Blueberry FLF

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Lethal Hair from Stealthic

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

My shape is a tweaked version of my Angelica Shape But obviously I tweaked it further for this version of me

Image courtesy using Flickr

Backdrop is my home beach

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