My thoughts

It’s a beautiful crisp sunny Sunday. I’ve just finished giving myself a manicure and right now feeling all sassy and together.

I am being picked up in a few hours to go to my son and his fiancée for Sunday meal. Can’t wait!!!

I haven’t seen them in months and although I was due to see them last weekend, both were unwell.

I’m starting to slowly unwind from blogs and videos as I give myself a type of break in December. Meaning it’s not all about sponsors but more about what I want to do. In the run up to Christmas I’m going to be doing a kind of vlogmas. No set schedule and just as and when I fancy it. Stories and just the things that are me. So anything I damn well feel like!!

In fact I’ve done a lot of thinking about the whole sponsor thing and deadlines and expectations and have reached some decisions on it.

It’s a long time coming, but the work I put into the things I do needs to be inspired and not about meeting expectations. After all I’m not paid to do what I do. Plus I lose interest if I feel I’m doing things to meet deadlines.

Shall I touch on that topic by the way. Dare I??!!

Let’s just say, there are vloggers who are paid. Quite a bit.

The rest run around like headless chickens doing timelines etc . I’m the latter variety by the way. I’m just passionate about writing thoughts and attempting to take a nice photo and making videos that I love to make. I’m always appreciative of the people who read or watch and comment. Either positive or negative.

So I’ve been thinking about all of the above and the inequity of this becomes quite noticed and I would say to any blogger or vlogger balance your spend in both finances and time, to what your value really is. If you are not feeling “valued” then ask yourself do they deserve your time.

By the way I’m not saying I don’t feel valued at all. Every time I get a thank you from a creator it totally warms me. So those creators that take that time I shall continue to share. But events. It’s a money making machine for both the event owners and the creators. People are essentially lost in the whole business of it all. I no longer want to promote that overspend.

I see people just as I do in reality trying to keep up to an aesthetic expectation and overspending in order to do that. Shopping at every event buying like the world needs more “things”. I no longer want to be part of that cog. It’s not who I am in reality so why would I continue in here?

As of today I shall be removing myself from events and giving my notices to all. Do disrespect to the events as I was given opportunities. But….

I’m happy to blog and use items in videos and blogs, but not to any terms as such. So if I go back to buying things then I shall.

It’s all about my new attitude about commercialism and finding what I consider is important in life.

This past year I have come to appreciate so much more about the things in life that matter.

My recommendation is that you stop and think what you value and what really makes you happy.

Because we are only here once, do the best with that time.

Have a lovely Sunday


Ksenia–Jacket-Dress- from Nanika at the ACCESS Event

Tiny Kitty from Yokai at the ACCESS Event

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Kandy hair from NAFI at the ACCESS Event

Sayo Pose from Lyrium at the EQUAL10 Event

Platform 21 backdrop from Tropix at the ACCESS Event

Becca Lips from Beaumore

Aloha eyeshadow from Veechi

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

2 thoughts on “My thoughts

  1. Glad to hear you’re off to be with family. 🙂 I’m off for a walk around the park across the road later, then doing vacuuming and preparing for my weekly show on Gorean Whip Radio.

    I recently went on a shopping moratorium in Second Life — left all the shopping groups and event groups apart from a few charity ones like Sci-Fi Con, Sci-Fi Expo and Fantasy Faire. I still buy things occasionally, but only if it’s something I’m likely to use more than once. So now my only expenses are Premium membership, land tier, topping up DJ stream rental, and supporting charities and artists/performers in-world.

    It has been very liberating! The time I spent wading through notification and notecards and slogging around busy regions now goes towards decorating my home, visiting new places and just hanging out. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup. Being picked up in literally ten mins. Looking forward to it.
      Yea I’m really concessions of the whole shopping thing and it’s gone way too far in the wrong direction. Just like in reality there is balance 😊
      Have a lovely walk x


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