The little things

Little things amuse me and the look on my pixel me face is just that little thing. It’s actually pretty much a summary of todays face. Happiness with a grimace.

But, who said things in life were easy? Oh yeah our mums. Well right now I’m sure she is looking down at me from whatever place she landed and saying to herself, “that’s my girl”.

My mum never really lived the life we all take for granted. You know the carefree one you lead when you adult? The one where you let your hair down now and then to ward off the cobwebs and remind yourself who you are. Laugh, dance and just be carefree.

That’s my dads doing to be fair. He never “allowed” it and she grew older never experiencing what I have.

I remember even at the age of 18 just before I left home, coming home at 7am the Sunday morning after an all nighter clubbing in Sydney wearing a huge love bite on my neck. Honestly it was the size of a tennis ball. You couldn’t miss it.

Who was I kidding when I said to her I was attacked by a mosquito!

She told me just before she died that she knew a dude had given it to me and wanted to know what it felt like. I was honest. Like a bloody pig snout sucking my neck dribbling. Clearly I never dated that random snog outside the club after, but I wore it like a badge!

But I did tell her that after that there were moments that I got one of those hickeys that actually did make my lady bits a little attentive.

My mum made up for some of life after my dad decided to be a coward and extract himself from life. Man I was angry at him!!

My mum discovered male strip nights out with another woman she knew. Two women in their sixties hitting the strip nights and copping feels tipping the gyrating torsos.

I loved that she did that, it was so life to me she had some moments in her life even though it was during her last two years.

So do I regret last nights leftover pains today? Hell no. Life is so short and frankly we have to make the most of it when and while we can. Oh yeah last night


Look at me outfit from Mykie at the EQUAL10 Event

Peri nails from Ladybird at the EQUAL10 Event

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Ruda2 hair from Monso

Flora glasses from s h y b i r d//

Glossy and matt lips from Velour

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Game 2 backdrop from the Bearded Guy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Lillie in bloom pose from Lyrium

Shot on location at Elysium

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